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Life in Lockdown - Lilly

Life in Lockdown - Lilly

Lockdown has been an unusual experience for everyone, with everyone in completely different situations, in jobs and housing. I am lucky that I have a safe home and garden to relax in during this time but I respect that lockdown hasn’t been a good experience for everyone.

When lockdown was first announced I thought that this is the perfect time to self-reflect and start becoming a better version of myself, which I think a lot of people have been doing during lockdown.

For my self-reflection I started doing workouts every day, eating healthier, cutting down food portions and being more positive in general.

At the beginning of lockdown, we started it off with an Easter egg hunt (which you’re never too young for!) which was really fun. We’ve had LOTS of BBQ’s, lovely long walks around our town and discovering new places, like a little secret beach.

We bought sun loungers for the garden to make the most of the lovely hot weather and I have also really enjoyed baking and cooking.

During lockdown the work team has spent 3 weeks furloughed and then 1 week working, which has been to the safety regulations, so the marketing team have been working from home and production staff have been in work, at a safe distance.

As I am coming up to the end of my apprenticeship, I was set a final project from my virtual college, to do within 4 days, which was nice as I could work from home in the garden and still soak up the sun whilst completing the project.

I live at home with my mum and brother, so during lockdown my dad has visited us (staying 2 metres apart) so that we can still see him which has been really nice. He has brought us any supply’s that we have needed that we’ve not been able to get near to where we live and he has enjoyed trying my cakes that I’ve baked.

Although my general lockdown experience has been more positive than negative, there has been a few down days which is to be expected during these times, from missing friends and family, to seeing and hearing what’s going on all over the world.

Being mixed race, I have been feeling a lot of different emotions over the last few weeks with what has been going on in America and all over the world. I have been making sure that I do my part in donating, signing petition, reposting and talking about what is going on with family to educate people and myself more on the oppression of black people. This is just the beginning and I’m going to carry on doing my bit in fighting for equality.

Overall my experience in lockdown has been mainly positive and I have had chance to reflect on myself and my values to make sure that going forward I am the best version of me.