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The All-in-One Company was started in 2008 because I couldn’t find a fleecy sleepsuit to keep my daughter warm at night. Lilly kicked off the covers and would wake on a regular basis, I needed a romper suit to keep her warm and there wasn’t such a thing on the high street for children over 18 months. I wanted a sleepsuit without a hood or feet, I wanted to Create-my-Own Onesie, so that Lilly would be warm and safe and not overheat. That was 15 years ago, before Onesies were a thing. We now make Create-Your-Own Onesies for everyone all over the world and it’s a privilege to make your Onesie dreams come true. The off cuts from your orders are made into baby Onesies which are donated to baby banks throughout the UK. Each Onesie is designed by you and hand made to order by our team of master craftsmen, here in Northumberland, the northernmost county in England in a town called Ashington. Where, until 2002, there was a thriving textile industry. Dewhirsts employed over 400 sewing machinists and cutters. We are fortunate enough to be able to start reemploying these people and keep the skills alive. We link with schools and colleges on a regular basis to encourage the next generation into the textile industry, entrepreneurship and enterprise and welcome them onto our apprenticeship scheme. Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us. Do sign up to our newsletter to find out more. Kate Dawson, Founder of The All-in-One Company

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