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It's funny how things turn out...

It's funny how things turn out...



"Funny how things turn out isn't it?


The All-in-One Company was started because I needed a garment to keep my daughter warm at night, there was no such thing as a Onesie in 2003.


Now, 15 years later, Lilly has joined the company and is doing a Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship to help us spread the word about Create-your-Own Onesies.


I just wanted to spread the word about the Virtual College for students who would rather not attend a traditional college and would prefer to work online. Its brilliant.


"The digital marketing apprenticeship is through virtual college which is an online apprenticeship so instead of going into college one day a week we have a webinar for a week every 6 weeks where we do college work in an online classroom, where our teacher talks us through different topics and sets us tasks to complete throughout the day.

Overall this apprenticeship has given me a lot of new experiences for example, events I’ve attend that I wouldn’t normally and new topics that I’d never heard of before. The online college week is a lot harder than I thought it would be and a lot more detailed. I would defiantly recommend it to people but I think that if you’re quite a slow learner and need a lot of help then I don’t know if this would be the best type of apprenticeship just because we go through everything quite fast and it is hard to understand if you’ve never done any type of digital marketing before. However it is still really interesting and you do learn a lot in the webinar week that we do. If you are a fast learner or have had some experience in digital marketing then this a great type of apprenticeship and I definitely think it helps a lot." - Lilly


If you'd like more information speak to Jeff Thompson, the business development consultant, he's been great and has hand held us all the way, so far so good, Lilly is loving it and its fantastic to have her join the company!"


Kate Dawson, Founder and Director, The All-in-One Company