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Life without Limits

Life without Limits

New - Sensory Summer Onesies That'll Make You Feel Great!



Sensitivity comes in all forms; we can be sensitive to touch, and taste, sight and hearing and when we have SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) the issues are magnified to sometimes the most unbearable levels. Reducing choices, activities and ultimately opportunities.

In 2017 we worked alongside families who are affected by SPD through The National Autistic Society and we developed the Sensory Onesie. Now families all over the world are benefitting from clothing that feels seamless, and the outcome is that it’s changing lives for the better.

The launch of the summer onesie this month has been very exciting as the most popular style is the Sensory Summer Onesie.

You become the designer, select your fabric and add-ons to Create-your-Own perfect Summer Onesie, and by simply ticking the sensory box the seams will feel seamless.

We are very proud of our Create-your-Own onesies and the difference that they are making. We feel that no one is different - everyone is unique. Everyone has the same choices when they create their own onesie when it comes to size, fabrics and add-ons, there are no restrictions, even if you are affected by SPD or Autism.

As a thank you to The National Autistic Society for helping us create the Sensory Onesie we donate 5% of every Sensory Onesie purchase to them to help them in their fantastic work and research.

We use all of the end of roll fabrics to create onesies that we donate to baby banks and women’s refuge centres across the UK – so that nothing goes to waste and everyone benefits. We don’t like landfill.

Our packaging is now 100% compostable made from plants not plastic.

Thank you for your continued support in helping to us make a difference and to change lives.


Create-your-Own Sensory Summer Onesie