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Visit From Students from Burnside Business and Enterprise College Visit

Visit From Students from Burnside Business and Enterprise College Visit

Winners Present their Ideas to the Team at The All-in-One Company


"Six students from Burnside Business and Enterprise College in Wallsend visited The All-in-One Company at the end of term to present their winning ideas to the team.

Burnside took part in the Industry Spark competition last year and loved our brief so much that the business teacher has written a series of lessons incorporating this to fit in with his Year 7 Business classes.

The challenge was 'How do we attract the next generation into the textile industry to keep the skills alive'.

The Students presented their ideas to the production team at Onesie HQ after having a tour of the factory to see how Onesies are made. Ideas included creating films showing the team dancing at work and having fun and also creating options for scents to be added to Onesie pockets for new product ideas.

Will Hedley, who is Head of sixth form and in charge of careers, organised the visit for the students who were accompanied by Nicola Stephenson, who is an Assistant Head and previous Head of Business and her colleague Matthew, the Business Teacher.

During the visit the students not only saw the production team in action making the one off onesie designs but they learned why the company was started as I needed a warm sleep suit for my daughter Lilly when she was 2 years old and there was no such thing available.

They saw the Hall of Fame showing photos of the celebrities wearing The All-in-One Company Onesies including Holly Willoughby, Tom Daley and Stars from the X Factor. They learned about some the companies and charities that we have supported over the years including Ready brek, Macmillan, The Newcastle Foundation, Comic Relief, Honey Monster and the National Autistic Society with the creation of the Sensory Onesie.

They also saw some of the winners from #OnesieTime competition all wearing their Onesies around the world. This highlighted the power of eCommerce and how all of our products are hand made to order in Northumberland and delivered worldwide.

They learned how ethical manufacture has such a huge impact on a brand and how the skill matrix is a fair and simple way to create a pay scale.

  • Novice - New to the job
  • Learner - learning the skills required
  • Competent - can do the job in the time allowed
  • Professional - can do the job in the time allowed and fix their own faults
  • Master - can do the job in the time allowed, fix their own faults and train others.

Working on real life issues that companies are challenged with is priceless for the students. Having a visit to the company then enhances this even more to get a first hand experience of the history, values, ethics and goals.

I was so impressed by the enthusiasm that the students showed towards the project and the company. Their confidence and courage was exceptional to be able to present their projects to a team of adults that they had not met before. We look forward to working with the college again next year on some new and exciting projects to give even more students that first hand experience of business."



Kate Dawson - Founder, The All-in-One Company