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You need to know the truth about Sensory issues

You need to know the truth about Sensory issues

We have been linked with the National Autistic Society for many years now, supplying members of staff with Onesies for Onesie Wednesday and then linking with Families across Northumberland to create a Sensory Onesie.

Sensory issues come in all shapes and sizes whether it’s through sound, sight, touch.

We focus on ‘touch’ and how fabrics make you feel, how seams feel against your skin.

During our research with the 10 families across the region we found that many fabrics couldn’t be worn because of how they felt. We found that the most favourable fabric was the super soft fleece as it is so soft on the inside as well as the outside. We found how important it was to be able to feel the fabric first so we created a ‘Feel First Fabric Swatch Sample Service’ where you can select the fabrics that you would like to see and feel first before designing your sensory onesie.

We understand that everyone is unique, everyone has a personal favourite and that’s why we only make create-your-own onesies, we don’t mass produce, we only make to order.

The families taught us about how seams on the inside of clothes can irritate to the point of hurting and can cause deep distress, we learned how to sew the sensory onesies so that the seams couldn’t be felt.

We spoke with families, parents and children to understand the issues that they face with just getting dressed every day and how a simple thing like a care label can cause so much irritation, so in the sensory onesies we don’t sew a care label in, we pop it in an envelope for you, so you still know how to wash and dry your onesie.

To make it simple we have added a check box to order a sensory onesie, with a link to show how the seams are flattened, so they can’t be felt on the inside of the garment.

Each and every Sensory Onesie that is made a 5% of the onesie price goes to The National Autistic Society to help them further in their research.

Do pass this on to anyone who may be interested to learn more as we have found the results to be life changing.

"A picture of a very happy boy enjoying a violin rehearsal in his awesome onesie. 

Lachlan had such fun designing it (he has Sensory Processing issues so wanted it to be as bright and fluffy as possible!) and has worn it EVERY day since his birthday last autumn.
 It is very mum-friendly (easy to wash!) and still feels as soft as the day he got it. A brilliant service, and very good value - apart from the priceless look on his face when he opened the birthday gift voucher I've hardly needed to buy any clothes for him since the onesie arrived! Many many thanks."

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Feel First Service

If you'd like to see and feel any of our fabrics before ordering, you can ket us know by emailing