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The All-in-One Company Technical & Functional Specification

The All-in-One Company  Technical & Functional Specification

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The All In One Company are looking to appoint an Ecommerce partner to redesign and develop their existing website –

They are an award-winning custom onesie manufacturer in Ashington, Northumberland. The Company was established by Kate Dawson after personally experiencing the stress of sleepless nights with her young daughter as she was cold during the night due to kicking the covers off. This could be easily solved with a warm sleep suit that was big enough for children, there were none to be found on the high street so Kate set up the All In One Company out of this frustration.

Founded in 2008 the company have built an enviable global reputation as the finest purveyors of custom onesies. The company are members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen after going through rigorous testing and scrutiny to earn the right to use the logo as a sign of the highest quality standards.

Please take the time to watch this brief video for full explanation;

The company has 8 staff and in the next three years aims to grow turnover and number of orders from both the UK and International markets.

The company’s vision is “To be the go to company, worldwide, for customisable onesies. One person, one country at a time.”

The company’s mission is “The All-in-One Company was founded to give everyone the power to create their own Snuggletastic® ethical customised onesie –create what you want, how you want it and embrace individuality.

To provide premium quality customised onesies that customers recommend to family and friends, that physicians prefer for their patients, purchasers select for their clients, employees are proud of.”

Team values are very important to us, we abide by Respect, Unique, Creative and Enjoyment.

Project Objectives

In summary, with the new website we want to truly represent the All In One Company’s;

* finest quality garments that are lovingly handmade by highly-skilled UK workers

* the level of customisation that is not matched anywhere in the UK market

* highest level of customer service

* UK skilled workforce

* to provide a flexible Magento CMS that allows for day-to-day in-house management

* build a mobile experience first ensuring AMP are supported

* to improve conversion rates and revenue – conversion rate currently around 0.5%

Target Audience

The average order value is just under £100 and this is a high-end luxury handmade garment. We are therefore looking to attract people with higher than average income who are prepared to pay the requisite increased cost for handmade quality.

The maternity, autism (with our unique sensory onesie) and leisure markets are particularly appealing to us.

There is some more in-depth work being carried out currently into the buyer personas and we will be willing to share this with the successful agency upon its’ completion.


Whilst there are no like-for-like direct competitors, we have listed a couple of brands that we admire and aspire the website to look and feel like;

Current Website

The current website is custom built in php and the blog is on WordPress. It now is no longer fit for purpose; whilst we’ve enjoyed a good working relationship with our current providers for a number of years, they have held their hands up and said they are not the right partner to take us forward with what we want to achieve.

In 2017 we had over 400,000 sessions broken down by month and channel below.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 14.24.17

It is our aim to grow this year-on-year and have a full marketing strategy in development currently which will be ready to roll-out with the new website.

The site receives 80% of sessions through organic search and it has good visibility and rankings for key search terms such as ‘onesie’ ‘maternity onesie’ and custom onesie’. It is imperative therefore that these rankings and visibility is maintained. We are looking for the proposals to demonstrate in detail how you would maintain this.

We handle our customer reviews through ekomi – – and currently have a Gold Customer Award. Currently the reviews are buried and not easy to navigate to. We’re looking for this to play a vital part of the peer-to-peer endorsement of the new site.

Whilst the site will launch with only English written and hosted pages, there will be a need for the addition of international content in the future. The site should therefore have the capability to host translated, international pages as well.


This specification is for an eCommerce website and application to replace
This document has been split into 3 parts - one to cover the eCommerce website [1] and, and a further section covering functionality required for the Onesie Builder [2]. The two systems are required to integrate seamlessly together. Part 1 and Part 2 can be quoted for seperately. Part 3 covers any specialised reporting required.

Part 1 – eCommerce Website


Magento 2.2.4 Community Edition  (or later)

WordPress 4.9.6 (or later)

Summary of Magento 2 Community Edition eCommerce functionality

  • Shop for products via flexible category structure
  • Filtering by type, price range, colour
  • Easily view information / videos / blogs on product page
  • Register / create an account
  • Subscribe to newsletter
  • Basket notifications
  • Promotional flexibility
  • Upselling
  • Advanced suggested search
  • One step checkout
  • Standard reporting
  • Product import for population
  • Best practice search engine optimisation

Browser Support

The platform will support the following browsers:

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 15.23.06



Provision of a development and live environment suitable for current traffic with the ability to scale to future traffic levels.


The visual design of the site should reflect the All-in-One brand, and work effectively across desktop and mobile. For more information on creative requirements please see the attached Creative Brief.

  • Design research
  • Prototype and wireframes
  • Visual design of all key sections

Functional Requirements

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 13.32.28
Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 13.33.49

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 13.33.56

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 13.34.09
Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 13.34.35

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Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 13.41.12

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 15.20.15


Loyalty points system

System for reward customers, which can be configured to work in the following way:

  • Set either lifetime points or points that expire after a set time
  • Ability to update / alter points to value exchange rate
  • Points rewards for signing up to newsletter
  • Points for reward for referring new customers
  • Ability to setup promotions (for example “double points”) for a limited time


Spec for migration of accounts / loyalty points

User accounts

Provide a system of inviting existing customers to sign up on the new Magento site (assuming the existing customer info is available). They will be asked to set up a new account (email and password).

Order history will not be required to be migrated.

Rewards points

Provide a means for the All-in-One Company to bulk-adjust existing customers’ reward points and refactor for the new Points Rewards system

Part 2 - Onesie Builder

The Onesie Builder (OB) is the critical component of the website. It allows customers to:

  • To configure and buy a custom onesie from any of the in stock fabrics
  • Choose sizes / design for a Baby, Child, Woman or Man
  • Allow for Maternity and Sensory variations
  • Specify available custom options
  • Passes all specifics of an order to the Magento platform for eCommerce processing (see Part 1)
  • Additionality - all materials used as part of an order will need to be made available to the Fabric Stock Report

Option 1 - Bespoke application

The Onesie Builder could either be developed as a bespoke extension to the Magento site. If this is the case, the source code and related IP will be required to be based on Open Source technologies where possible, and all code released to the All-in-One company following development.

Option 2 - Integration with custom product platform

This option would be based on integrating the Magento site with a 3rd party platform.

Transparent licensing and transaction costs should be provided.

  • Provide live stock availability for fabrics
  • Provide Fabric Stock Reporting functionality
  • Pass order and pricing details to the Magento system
  • Visually integrate with the front-end of the website
  • Load product presets (passed in from Magento product pages)
  • Provide customisation options to match the All-in-One brand, and website look and feel
  • Ability for a customer to save progress - either through cookies or the save state being linked to the customer account
  • When a customer reloads an order, the system will need to check for current fabric availability
  • Ability to duplicate a past order (for further customisation)
  • Ability to finish one Onesie, then duplicate immediately, so the customer update sizes and options (for example, a customer ordering for several family members)

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 14.36.58

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 14.37.09

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 14.37.18

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 14.37.26

Pricing System

The builder is required to offer the following packages / operate in the following modes:

  1. Basic Suit (no add-ons - a no frills option) - adults and children
  2. Basic Suit (with add-ons)  adults and children
  3. Suit with all options, and all options are priced accordingly

The different packages may be available in different regions - so the ability to configure this either in the CMS, or a simple low-cost change in the backend by development would provide the flexibility required.


  • Any fabric that is out of stock should not be available the builder
  • Prebuilt Onesies loaded into the builder using any out-of-stock fabric should require the customer to select an alternative in-stock fabric option
  • Customers re-ordering from the Magento re-order function in the customer account section, should be required to select new fabric options, of any out-of-stock fabric


  • Functionality for the customer to add a name and position it on the product. This option should cover upto 2 lines of text, a monogram.
  • The order should specify to the production team the size, font and position of the text.
  • Additionality, a customer can select a design from a library of graphics, and position these on the design. This should also be communicated on the order sheet.

User interface

As the usability of the builder is crucial to customers being able to easily place orders, and enjoy the process. The solution should place great emphasis on reducing friction and providing clear feedback to the user.

  • The system should provide as realistic a preview of the product (with options) through either:
    • Live 3D technology / rendering*
    • Pre-illustrated / Pre-rendered 3D elements
    • Include realistic fabric samples
  • Ability for the customer to visually specify customisation options
  • Multi-language capability (see localisation section)
  • Inform the customer of total price, and price of each option as they build the product
  • Reflection of the finished size, proportion of the product (e.g. S, XXXL)


*plugin installation / device support to considered carefully

Mobile experience

The application should provide a great mobile experience on modern devices. Some customers may access the site across both mobile and desktop devices, and would be able to use the save to account functionality to load a design started on mobile, into a desktop browser.

Usability tracking and improvements

In order to continually improve the Builder application, we ideally require integration at builder level with a UX analysis (e.g. HotJar or similar). The requirement is provide near-live visibility of how customers are using the application, and data to help improve it

Additionally, the ability to A/B Test or Variance Test functionality within the Builder, to measure how potential improvements perform.

Builder updates

Provision should be given to how custom options are managed by the client, both from a technical and visual standpoint. This should cover:

  • Visual - how are these created and added to the system (specify for 2D and 3D systems)
  • Option prices (and how they are synchronized with the eCommerce system)
  • Size options
  • Technical and design support required to publish changes to the builder

Part 3 - Specialised reporting

Please note: examples of reports can be provided on request.

3.1 Fabric Stock Report

A key requirement is the ability to report of the fabric sold within a date range - this can be run at anytime, and generate a CSV file.

Each component part will have a fabric ID, a length and width and how many are required per onesies. The Fabric Stock Report will total the usage of each fabric ID based on sales.

All fabric rolls are 150cm wide. The current software takes shapes of components into account (e.g. how the parts are cut out of a role, and which way they are cut)

The Suit Fabric Usage data from the existing system is available with the current system code. The system should provide an accurate guide to how much fabric has been used, and allow for wastage during production.

3.2 Factory sheet

This report shows all the detail surrounding the onesie purchased. Each section and add on is separated by colour. This report also shows all embroidery options. This detailed report needs to be replicated ‘as is’ to ensure minimal disruption to the onesie production staff.

3.3 Job sheet

The job sheet is used internally on the factory floor. It shows all orders that have not been fulfilled, as a list. It needs to contain the following information, and be able to be downloaded for any specified date range:


The report should contain the following information for each order in the date range;

  • Order Number
  • Date
  • Size
  • Fabric Colour*
  • Special Requirements - notes from the order
  • Country
  • Estimated time to make**
  • Shipping option (also known as service option)

* if multiple colours are selected, it should say Multi in this field
** The estimated time to make is taken from the Fabric options. A spreadsheet is available with all time estimations. Each fabric and section has a time to cut, time to sew, time to embroider, time to inspect and time to pack option. (See timing for more information)

There is also a colour co-ordinated style for the sheets as follows;
• Country other than UK - ROW SHOULD BE BLUE
• Fast track shipping option - ROW SHOULD BE RED

It is important this colour coding is maintained in the new reporting system

3.4 Embroidery job sheet

An internal report for the embroiders that shows the font type, personalisation text, image, colour and shipping option. The following information should be included;

  • Order Number
  • Date
  • Personalisation Line 1 - (The text that the customer wants adding)
  • Personalisation Line 2 - (The text that the customer wants adding)
  • Personalisation Image - A list of prede ned options from the onesie builder
  • Personalisation Font
  • Personalisation Colour
  • Shipping Option

3.5 Ears and tails report

This report is used internally and contains a list of ears and tails add ons ordered from the site. This is used for trend analysis and should contain the following information;

  • Add on name
  • Number purchased

This report should take into account both custom orders and pre built orders.

Our Proposed Timescales

We have detailed below our proposed timescales and need the website to be live 1st September 2018 in order to be fully ready and bug-free for the increased traffic level from the 1st October. We are looking for a fully devised timeline as part of your proposal based on your capacity.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 14.25.42


As The All In One Company have never used Magento before, full training for all staff members using the site will be required on-site prior to the website going live. We will also require a ‘user-manual’ so that once the training is complete, there is a guide for staff to enable them to use the site independently.


We require a fully costed and detailed proposal identifying personnel and associated costs if there is any differential.

Maintenance of the site

We require the selected agency to provide on-going support and maintenance of the site. The day-to-day management of the site will be done in-house through the CMS – for example uploading content, images, new products, blog posts etc. This should be shown as a separate cost and not part of the new website build.

Project Team

It is very important to us to work with professionals who fully understand and appreciate the qualities of The All In One Company. As part of your submission could you please detail all personnel who will contribute to this project along with a brief CV.

Your Response

Please include proposal and costs for:

* Full design and development

* Hosting fees

* On-going maintenance arrangement

Following this session it is our intention to appoint one agency, we do reserve the right to not proceed with anyone should we feel it appropriate to do so.

Tenders will be evaluated against the award criteria as set out below and tenderers should also demonstrate within their tender proposal the following assurance that they have:-

* Capability to meet the contract requirements;

* Quality and experience of the team delivering the contract; including evidence of a proven track record;

* Ability and flexibility to deliver outputs to the agreed timescales;

* Value for money and added value


The contract will be awarded to the most economically advantageous tender evaluated against the following criteria.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 14.33.53


The completed Tender and associated documents must be submitted to

Kate Dawson

The All-in-One Company

19, High Market, Ashington, Northumberland, NE63 8NE

Submissions can also be made by email to

Closing date for all tenders is noon on Tuesday 3rd July 2018.