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International Women's Day -Kate Dawson

International Women's Day -Kate Dawson

International Women's Day -Kate Dawson

From a Mum of Two and a Successful Entrepreneur...

To a strong Team of  10.

'I’ve met so many fantastic people who I can relate to, and I no longer feel isolated in this industry.'

Inspirational Speaker...

As a woman who has set up her own factory with no previous experience in garment manufacturing, she is a great inspiration, and her contribution to the board is highly valued.” - Kate Hills Make it British 

To Manufacturer...

“The team at All In One saw our project through from beginning to end. From design, to sampling to production their input was invaluable & and they were an absolute pleasure to deal with”

And Market Leader.

“When we started seven years ago many of the skills we needed were dying out. We have helped revive them and created a company that is happily flying the flag for the North East.”