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The All-in-One Company - Festival of Sleep

The All-in-One Company - Festival of Sleep


What could be better than snuggling up for a cosy nights sleep after the busy festive period?

How about cuddling up in a bespoke, luxurious Onesie from The All-in-One Company.

Today we're celebrating Festival of Sleep day, and although no one is quite sure when it was founded, it was founded by someone who just loved their sleep!

Sleep is a basic human function that helps our bodies regain energy and keeps our minds alert. So, to ensure you get the best sleep possible, we've handpicked a selection of fabrics that will make your sleep a little more luxurious...

Cotton T-Shirt


Our Cotton T-Shirt fabric is thin, lightweight, and breathable so you can wear your onesie all night long without getting too hot under the covers. Our Cotton T-Shirt is also 3% Elastane for maximum comfort, so you can move around freely and curl up for the night.


Quilted Lambskin


Never want to leave the warmth of your soft and snuggly bed? Our Quilted Lambskin is perfect! The quilted faux suede outer side of the fabric has a fluffy lambskin inner, making it extra snuggly against the skin. You'll feel like you're wrapped up in a cuddly quilt all day long, convenient for those sneaky afternoon naps on the sofa.


Super Soft Cuddle Fleece


 As if our Onesies weren’t luxurious enough, our Super soft Cuddle Fleece takes luxury to a whole new level. Indulge yourself as you head off to dream land and cosy up in a Super Soft Cuddle Fleece Onesie. Soft and Fluffy on both sides, but not too thick, the perfect combination for a good nights sleep.

Why not design your very own Unique Onesie on our Personalised Onesie Builder, and treat yourself to the bests night sleep ever.