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Healthwise Offcut Creations

Healthwise Offcut Creations

Did you know...

We donate our offcuts to schools and charities free of charge in exchange for photographs of all your fab creations!
Our bags of offcuts have already gone to a number of good homes, including Goosehill County First School, Chantry Middle and King Edward VIl schools in Morpeth;  West Sleekburn Middle School, Ringway First School, Bedlington High School, The Dales School in Blyth, Grove Special School in Berwick, Blyth Community College, Ellington and Linton First Schools, the William Leech Campus in Lynemouth, Bothal and Hirst Park Middle schools in Ashington, John Ambulance Day Care Centre in Ashington, Chester Court Care Home, Bedlington,  Pots and Pancakes, The People’s Animal Rescue and Re-homing Team in Amble, PAWS (People’s Animal Welfare Service) in Bedlington and Northern English Springer Spaniel Rescue in Red Row and most recently, Healthwise.

Healthwise The All in One COmpany 1

Healthwise is a self help and support group for women based in Cramlington, Northumberland. It is a registered charity whose main aims are to promote health and well-being.
The founders met in January 2000, on a taster Aromatherapy course. They bonded so well and provided amazing friendship, trust and support to each other that they continued to meet up and practice their newly founded aromatherapy skills after the course had finished.
As time went on, the ladies felt that there were probably many women in their community experiencing similar issues as them, such as stress, anxiety, loneliness and lack of confidence. So, after gathering lots of useful information, the Ladies were able to form a constitution and the name of Healthwise was agreed.

The ladies at Healthwise get up to lots of fun things, including running their very own Craft Group, which began after four of the women showed the other members how to make special birthday cards using different craft techniques.
Every Tuesday morning, the ladies get together for a couple hours, each of them contributing £1 to help pay towards room hire and refreshments. A couple of months after the launch of their Craftwise group, the ladies were able to purchase some craft items, and in February 2003, they received funding allowing them to expand their group, purchase more supplies. It also gave them to opportunity to pay for 1 year's room hire and workshop tuition fees. One of which, was an outing to a local workshop called 'Don't throw anything away' where the ladies were shown how to make use of bits of scrap materials.

From flower arranging, to proggy and clippy mats, card making, to stitching, beading, tea bag folding, and even contributing to the shoe box appeal, the ladies have doe it all, and now they've even tried their hand at some Onesie Offcut Creations!

Four members of Healthwise came to visit The All-in-One Company a couple of weeks ago, and we donated a bag of our Offcuts, and just the other day, we received a lovely parcel...

Healthwise The All in One Company offcuts

Inside was a lovely card and a gorgeous Owl made from our Offcut Fabrics!

'Dear Kate, 
Hope you and your wonderful team are well. 
Please accept this small gift which I made form the Offcuts you kindly gave to Ann, Joan, Jackie and myself on our memorable visit to your workshop.
I have named him CIATO, can you work out why?
Love Anne x'

We LOVE little CIATO, and we're sure he'll fit right in. We'd also like to say a huge thank you to the ladies at Healthwise, and we can't wait to see what else you create!

Have you been inspired to Create-your-Own Offcut Creation? Don't worry if you're not part of a charity, you can now buy a bag of our offcuts for yourself!
You can even choose what size bag you’d like; small, medium, or large….

If you are part of a charity or organisation and are interested in our offcuts, get in touch;

Phone - 01670 522478
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Don't forget to send in photographs of your creations, we'd love to see them!