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Be Beach Ready with Bamboo Towelling

Be Beach Ready with Bamboo Towelling

Sun, Sea... and Sand

One of our favourite things to do in summertime is head on down to the beach for a day full of fun in the sun, and sand.

Leaving the beach covered in sand is irritating, and no matter how long you spend dusting the sand off your feet, somehow, you never seem to find it all, and before you know it, the car is full of it.

Although it may be near impossible to dust off every grain of sand, we have a solution that will help prevent the amount that collects in your car - snuggling into your Bamboo Towelling Onesie until you can jump in the shower.

Our Bamboo Towelling Onesies are perfect for the beach.

You can design your onesie to suit you. Keep safe and Sleeve pockets to keep valuables safe, along with feet to keep those sandy feet covered.

If you are worried about sandy toes filling up your Onesie Feet with sand here's a little top tip;
Sprinkling baby powder on your feet before putting on your onesie and getting in your car, will help remove any remaining sand.

Bamboo Towelling Onesie Pockets

Our Bamboo Towelling is also absorbent, so you can pop it straight on after a splash about in the sea (a quick dip in the sea is a great way of  loosening and getting rid of stubborn sand) and is soft against the skin, because sandy tootsies are itchy enough.  It has great insulating properties, keeping you nice and warm after a day in the cool sea breeze.

The perfect after-beach attire, our Bamboo Towelling comes in a range of different patterns that are so fun, you might not actually want to take it off.

Bamboo Towelling Swatches

Start creating your very own Bamboo Towelling Onesie in time for your summer beach trips. Just head to our personalised onesie builder and start designing yours today!

Beach Ready with Bamboo Towelling Be Beach Ready with Bamboo Towelling