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The All in One Company keeps our lads warm in Afghanistan

The All in One Company keeps our lads warm in Afghanistan

Sometimes we receive a request that we simply can't ignore. An email from Corporal Steve Lamb that asked "Can I be cheeky and ask for a donation of a couple onesies as they would be very useful with the cold nights over Christmas here in Afghan?" was just such a request.

We all appreciate the job that the UK forces do and understand the additional difficulties they face when serving away from home over Christmas. So if there was anything we could do to make their Christmas a little bit more cuddletastic then we simply couldn't say no.

Our MD Kate Dawson said "Of course we are delighted to do anything we can to brighten up their lives. Not only are Steve and his colleagues doing a fantastic job, but they are also going to be away for Christmas. We are more than happy to provide a bit of colour, fun and warmth."

So good luck with the tour lads and make sure you all get home safe!

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