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About Us

Kate's Story

From helping in her parents antique shop as a teenager, to becoming a qualified nursery nurse Kate Dawson's experience throughout her life has enabled her to create a fun business model making a fun product.

As a nanny, she learnt how to care for people; understand differences of opinion and how resolve blips in childhood friendships. Through her candid approach she not only made the children feel safe in her care but the parents too.

Traveling and working in Europe taught self-reliance and independence, followed by 10 years working with her parents in business. ‘Inn Fillers’, based in Oxfordshire supplied an installed themed décor items to the leisure industry. A family business working for the national and regional breweries throughout the UK, here Kate gained the knowledge and know how of working with themes and customised products, working to budgets and for corporate companies, within the closeness of a family emporium.

Having her own children lead her to start up a nanny agency in Oxfordshire in 1999. This gave Kate 7 years’ experience and a taste of running her own business, the real life issues of cash flow, accounts and reports. Sold as a going concern Kate relocated to Northumberland to live the dream by the sea.




Why The All-in-One Company?

The idea began by sleepless nights. Henry, Kate’s son was a peaceful sleeper but her daughter Lilly was quite the opposite, a little fidget, especially at night. Those covers would come off and Lilly would wake feeling cold, good old mum or dad, would have to go up and tuck her back in so that she could go, snuggly, off to sleep again.

Kate tried to find a warm fleecy sleep suit for children over 18 months of age, to keep Lilly warm at night, she searched high and low up and down the High Street, but not one single snuggly sleep suit could be found. So Kate being Kate, thought that she couldn’t be the only person needing this product and started doing some research.

At this time their part time nanny Sue, who looked after the children whilst Kate ran Upstairs Downstairs Domestic Recruitment in Banbury, Oxfordshire, loved Lilly’s out grown sleep suit and said ‘Oh, I would love one of these’ this planted the seed in Kate’s head that this product was not just for children.

The All-in-One Company® was born 10 months later.

Through building a high performing team, she manufactures purely in the UK making unique, mass customised, all-in-one onesies for people all over the world, with love and care.

Let the fun begin…..



Team values






What’s important to us;

Family, we are a small working family, supporting each other through work and life encompassing our extended family as we go on our journey. Our customers, our suppliers and our support networks all play a hugely important role towards our success.




Why made in Britain?

We care about our staff, we care about our economy; we employ staff and they pay their taxes to our government which in turn helps pay for our services as a country. Employing people in other countries to make our products does not feed into our tax system and does not therefore benefit our country.

It’s a bit like the chicken and egg scenario. We buy free range eggs because the hens have been cared for in a way that we find acceptable. We don’t like the thought of caged hens just like we don’t like the thought of sweat shops and child labour. That’s the difference in buying British.

It’s worth it from a value, principle and economy level, it’s a no brainer.



How do we care?

We work a 4 ½ day week so every weekend is a long weekend.

We don’t run a shift work operation our working day is daytime

Every evening and weekend is spent with our families. All staff members can have time off to see their children at sports days and nativity plays so those special moments are not missed.


We all have 28 days paid holiday.

Every member of staff’s birthday is celebrated at break times with a cake and a card and a gift from us all.

We have a play committee who organise fundraising events such as the Macmillan Coffee Morning, Race for Life, Red Nose Day (Comic Relief) Children in Need. They also come up with little surprises to make coming to work a fun and exciting thing to do… after all these are our company values.



Team building days

We embrace change and training and have learnt the importance of play at work. We have training days to help us communicate with each other and to help understand each other’s point of view.

As well as having fun at work we also celebrate outside of work and get to know each other a little bit better.

Our team building days have been so much fun. We have played rounder’s at Plessey woods, picnicked and BBQ’d in the grounds, even fished for minnows!


We have made a mosaic together with the help of Pots and Pancakes in North Shields, to show that how we all come together bit by bit to make the perfect product



We have drawn names from a hat and found out enough about each other to be able to design and paint a unique one-off mug to use at break times and lunch times. Each one different, each one unique, just like us - just like our onesies!


You, our Loyal All-in-One family

As a massive thank you and to be able to keep in touch we offer our loyalty points scheme. For every £10 that you spend we reward you with £1 which you can save in your account towards your next purchase.

Not only loyalty points but reward points too for referring a friend, each time you refer a friend and they place an order we reward you both with points for an extra special thank you.

Each month we run The All-in-One Adventure competition for a chance to win £100 gift voucher. All you have to do is send in a photo of you wearing your all-in-one onesie in your favourite location, it makes our day to see all of the entries each month, and we as a team post our individual votes into our very special ballet box on the last day of the month ready for the announcement of the winner.



Wansbeck Business award 2009 New Business of the Year winner

Wansbeck Business Award 2009 Business of the Year finalist

Wansbeck Business Award 2009 Technology Award finalist

Northumberland Business award 2010 Entrepreneur of the year winner

North East Business awards 2013 Internet and ICT award finalist

North East Business Awards 2013 Small Business award finalist

Northumberland Business Awards 2013 Training Award winner

North East Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 Small Business award winner

North East Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 Employee of the year finalist Edith Gibson

The Glass Slipper Awards 2014 Employee of the Year went to Edith Gibson supervisor of the factory for The All-in-One Company



Trading for Good

We support local and national charities by providing off cut fabric to use in making small gifts for fundraising events.

We run an apprentice scheme so that our experienced work force can pass on their knowledge to the younger generation – a vital part of manufacturing in the UK.

We encourage and facilitate educational visits to the factory for high school and college students enabling them to see a factory in working progress, to give an understanding of business and the various parts that makes a successful business; sales and marketing, production and quality control, admin and customer service and the long term vision for the business.

Work experience for both high school and college students is accommodated at The All-in-One Company which brings fresh ideas to us and gives knowledge, know-how and experience to the students. It’s a win win situation.