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How-To: Create-Your-Own Work From Home Suit Onesie

How-To: Create-Your-Own Work From Home Suit Onesie

Stylish and warm, tailored and tasteful, Work From Home in the Work From Home Suit Onesie. Complete with a suit jacket, shirt, trousers and even pockets! An All-in-One Onesie that looks like a suit.

Premium, professional and personalised, getting you through your work day in Snuggletastic style.

Handmade to order by our team of Master Craftsmen in our Fleece fabric. Create-your-Own choosing your size, fabric colours and even personalisation.

Step 1.

Head to
Hover your curser over 'Our Products' for the drop down menu to appear. Click on 'Work From Home Suit Onesie'.

Step 2.

Select whether you're creating a Work From Home Suit for a Man or a Woman.

Step 3

Once decided, it's then time to select your size. Our Work From Home Suits range from X Small to 8X Large, but you can let us know about any specific measurements in the Order Instructions Box at the checkout.

You can also select your leg length. Again, any specific measurements can be mentioned in the Order Instruction Box and our team will tailor your onesie to your measurements.

Step 4

It's then time to choose your fabric type. Our Work from Home Suits are currently available in our Fleece Fabric which comes in a range of thicknesses from Micro Fleece and Polar Fleece to Super Soft Soft and Mid Weight Cuddle Fleece.

If you would like to see and feel any of our Fabrics before ordering, you can Create-your-Own Complimentary Fabric Swatch Pack.

Step 5

You can now decide whether you would like your Work From Home Suit to have Sensory Seams.

Sensory Seams are sewn in a way so that seams feel seamless, the care label is not sewn into the garment so there is nothing that causes irritation on the inside.

Inside the onesie, as well as flattening the seams we cover the inside of the zip so that you can’t feel it against your skin, using the fabric you have selected.

Finally the sensory seams are all double stitched to prevent ripping or tearing.

Step 6

Now the fun really begins! It's time to select your fabrics!

You can customise the fabrics used for the Jacket, Trousers, Shirt and even Bow Tie.

Step 5

Once you've selected your Fabrics, you can now customise your Zip. Choose the colour and whether or not you'd like a Two-Way Zip, so you can zip/unzip from the top or bottom.

Step 6

You can personalise your Work From Home Suit with embroidery. Add a name, message or monogram, and select your fonts and colours to make it truly unique to you.

Now you're ready to add your Work From Home Suit Onesie to your basket, ready to go through the checkout.

Once ordered, our Team of Master Craftsmen will get to work hand crafting your creation, ready for you to Work From Home in Snuggletastic® Style.

Create-your-Own Work From Home Suit Onesie