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The Ultimate Gaming Onesie

The Ultimate Gaming Onesie

No two gamers are the same, from the device you use, to your preferred way to play.

Whether you're a casual gamer, a full time gamer or a late night gamer, there's nothing quite like being a Onesie gamer....

From your cuffs - Thumb cuffs for extra warmth or ribbed cuffs to avoid restrictions when using your controller.

Pockets - Front pockets for easy access to snacks, or keepsakes to keep your phone safe while gaming.

A Hood for extra comfort, or if you prefer to wear a headset, a low or high collar may be better for you.

You can even add ears to give your Onesie a little personality - You could even be inspired by your favourite character.


You can select your fabric from our ever growing fabric range. We have a selection of different fabric types, colours, patterns and thicknesses.

Our Top Selection:

Cool and comfortable in Cotton - Lightweight and Breathable

Snuggletastically stretchy in Plush Jersey Sweatshirt - Slighty warmer, soft against the skin, and the right amount of stretch

Cuddly and Cosy in Cuddle Fleece - Perfect for those late night gamers

We asked two avid gamers to design their own Gaming Onesies to find out how their perfect Gaming Onesie would look...


"I chose the sweatshirt fabric for my onesie because it's really comfortable and I won't overheat but it will still keep me warm in the colder months of the year. I chose the high collar for extra comfort. I also loved the idea of having sensory seams because I won't have to worry about any uncomfortable seams while I'm sitting in a chair or lying in bed. This is also why I would prefer playing in a onesie instead of other types of clothing, no drafty gaps, tight belts or scratchy labels. They are the bridge between pyjama and everyday clothes.

The All-in-One Company Sensory Seams

The chest pocket will be a great place to keep my phone safe, and the keepsafe and side zipped pockets would be good for snacks.

The All-in-One Company Chest Pocket

I went for ribbed cuffs for my sleeves and ankles. It will be good to have sleeves that I can roll up easily if I want to."


" I went with a fabric that isn't very thick so I don't overheat when gaming for long periods of time. I chose this colour because I like navy and blue colours and I liked how it looks with the white zip and white ribbed cuffs. I chose ribbed cuffs because they're good at keeping the sleeve off my hands when gaming and i can push them up my arms and they'll stay there and not interfere when gaming.

The All-in-One Company Ribbed Cuffing

I also chose a hood because although I game with headphones on, when I come off gaming I can pull it up and curl up and watch tv."

The All-in-One Company Hood


"I chose muted colours just because I thought it looked more like something I'd actually wear instead of like a jokey novelty thing. And I thought the fabric would be good just because if you're sitting there for ages you want it to be kind of breathable, that's why I went for fabric on the cuff of the arms and legs too instead of elastic or ribbed, just more breathing room."

The All-in-One Company Fabric Cuff

What would your ultimate Gaming Onesie look like?

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