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That 'Hometime' Feeling

That 'Hometime' Feeling

We all need little pockets of comfort and reassurance.

After what has been a very uncertain year, we have all reflected on the last few months, the 'new normal' and what Home Time means to us...


It’s true that entrepreneurs never switch off 

Our brains are always on tick over 

No matter what. 

Even when 

We want to stop thinking 

We simply can’t 

But a change of scene 

And new surroundings 

Help a lot. 

Being self-driven 

An eagerness, a hunger 

A passion to achieve 

The office 

Is a space 

To concentrate 



Is a space 

To reflect 

And digest 

Adventure days 

With friends 

And family 

Are a time to have fun 

And to let the unconscious mind be just that. 

Home time is special 

No matter what 

A place of safety 

And comfort 

With space to unwind 

Time is abundant 

Instead of time tabled 

Surrounded by nature 

In sight, sound and smell. 

A place to cook, 

To garden 

To potter 

And to think…. 

Home time is special 

No matter what


Home time for me is all about Little A and H, albeit it’s all been very different for the last few months. Pre-lockdown, 2:30pm would come, me and H would start getting our things together and walk to collect A from school. I am very fortunate to be able to do both morning and afternoon school runs. A had the odd wobbly morning every few weeks, and regardless how the drop off went, I was always so excited to see his little face at the end of the day. That sense of relief when he gave me the thumbs up walking towards his little gate. 

Home time for us consisted of snacks, of play dates, of crafting and creating, of catching up with each other, or me overly cuddling A because I’d missed him, and let’s me honest, they just look so adorable in their little uniforms, all grown up. 


Before lockdown, home time to me was about leaving the office and closing the door on work for the night. It was about looking forward to being at home and having my dog jump up at me when I walked through the front door. It was about kicking my shoes off and putting my pjs on as soon as I got in. Home time was about family eating together and watching our favourite tv show at 9PM.

Since lockdown, I now work from home and my home time situation has definitely changed. I now live in my pj’s! (which is amazing) and I get to see my dog all day everyday whilst I work. Home time now consists of closing my laptop down and having my (well needed) afterwork stretch. Although my home time has changed, to me it still has the same meaning of family being at home together.


The feeling of coming home has always been my favourite.

Before lockdown, hometime began after switching off my computer and leaving the office for the day.

I'd go home to see my family and find out how everyone's day was, take a shower, before getting ready to go out with my boyfriend or friends.

I'd then come home, get tucked up in bed with the dog at my feet, and watch my favourite TV program until I fell asleep.

Since lockdown, I now work mostly from home (apart from when I pop into the factory to embroider your Onesies). Although I still try to stick to certain work times - half 8 - 5 with set lunch and break times, I enjoy having the flexibility to be able to work times that suit me.

I'm able to take the puppies out on an afternoon walk, enjoy breakfast with my sister, and even work in my onesie.

I am now able to enjoy home comforts all day long, whether it's the comfort of my onesie, a puppy snuggle, or a slice of my nana's homemade coconut and lime cake on my afternoon break.

What does home time mean to you?