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My Little Sweethearts

My Little Sweethearts

My little sweethearts, my little babies “Are you going to be okay?

Will someone comfort and cuddle you, if you need them through the day?

What if you fall and graze your knee? What if you just need a hug?

Maybe I should just home-school you, teaching runs in my blood!

As your Mummy, my job is to protect you and prepare you for as much as I possibly can,

I want to stay by your side,in our little bubble, always holding your hand.

We’ve made some incredible memories over the last few months, and got through this funny little time together,

A, you’ve learnt how to spell your whole name, how to ride your bike and lost your first tooth (it took forever!)

We’ve had lots of cuddles and snuggles, and exciting movies nights.

Days in our onesies, all snuggled up, followed by fun pillow fights.

You and H have such a special bond, it’s definitely got stronger and stronger.

Watching you play together, hearing you chat, can I listen that little bit longer?

You start year 1 tomorrow, and your sister starts pre-school,

I love how excited you both are, Mummy is incredibly proud of both of you.

I absolutely share your excitement, I thrive on your bravery and calm

I’m just a little anxious at times, Can I just keep you in my arms?

I may have to wear sunglasses at the gates, incase I can’t hold back my tears,

for all I know the parent next me to may have all of the same fears

I know that everyone is trying their best, in this New Normal, everybody is in the same boat.

But I’m already thinking ‘Is it hometime yet? Can you appear carrying your coat

But after day 1, the new routine will have begun, and some of my wobbles will have disappeared.

I can’t wait to hear about your day, what you had for lunch and who you sat near.

We will have our usual snack, pop a movie on, cuddling and snuggling tight

we’ll eat tea together, splash in the bath, and settle down for the night.

I’ll tuck you both in, read you a story (or 3) a pop a little kiss on your head.