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Top 5 Staycation Bloggers

Top 5 Staycation Bloggers

It's officially the year of Staycations!

We've put together a list of our top 5 Staycation bloggers for holi-stay tips, tricks and inspiration!

Wandering Bird

From weekend breaks, to 3-month trips travelling Europe, Wandering Bird was started by Kat after quitting her job to travel Europe with her Husband and puppy.

Visiting over 21 countries and driving over 60,000 miles, Kat shares lots of helpful information from; motorhome travel advice for anyone wanting to travel abroad or long-term, motorhome buying and getting started help for beginners, road trip tips, itinerary ideas, money-saving tips to keep costs down and much more!

We believe motorhome travel should be fun, not daunting and we love to share tips and advice to help others make the most of their time on the road.


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Our Tour

After quitting their jobs at aged 39, Jason and Julie planned on spending a year travelling Europe with their dog Charlie. Two years later, the couple finally returned to the UK.

They spent the next two years working full time, managing an IT business and renovating an old butchers shop.

Julie and Jason were then able to retire aged just 43, and after buying a newer version of their original campervan, they now spend their time completing motorhome tours of Europe and South Africa and have now visited over 30 countries, and stayed in over 900 places.

This blog will not only give you tips, advice and inspiration for travelling Europe and beyond by motorhome, RV or campervan. It will also explain how we retired early and gained financial independence so you too could engineer a similar lifestyle.


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The Gap Decaders

Founded by Phil and Izzy, The Gap Decaders was created when the couple quit work and sold their home to travel and live on the road full time. Adventuring and road tripping all their lives, Phil and Izzy have covered over 30,000 miles in 28 countries.

Travel has always been a big part of our lives together, from motorhoming in Europe and the States, to life under canvas on family holidays and motorbike touring across Europe.  We have tried lots of of travel styles in between, but always come back to being on the road, our absolute favourite way to travel.


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Van Dog Traveller

Vandog Traveller was created by Mike Hudson, who bravely quit his job in Septemeber 2013 to take to the road. But Mike is not just ‘another motorhome blogger’, as his nearly 40,000 Facebook followers attest.

From a van into a home... Mike then converted a big, old van and turned it into his very own campervan - where he now lives. It’s carried him all over the world – he’s even made it up to Lofoten, a group of small islands in the North of Norway, above the Arctic Circle!

Mike has almost 39,000 facebook followers, and has featured in newspapers and TV shows, as well as writing his very own ebook.

I quit my job in 2013 to convert an old van into my home. I now live in my van and travel Europe. Vanlife is great and I want to show you how possible this is!

Mike Hudson - Vandog Traveller founder

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Our Bumble

Jo and Craig are a couple from England who have been together for over 30 years! In 2013, after doing a lot of the 'normal stuff' like building a career, working long hours and paying the mortgage, the couple decided to pack up their things and go travelling with their two dachshunds Mac and Tosh - and the rest is history.

They first started Our Bumble to help Jo's Mum, who suffered with dementia, keep up with their adventures.

At the end of their first trip in 2014 they had around 300 followers and come the end of the second trip 2015 they topped 1,000+ followers and the couple decided it was time to listen to their travel buddies and build their own website.

As a rule of thumb we travel to a new place each day but if we like it, we stop a while longer.  We mainly wild camp, which means if we like a place, we stop! This however tends to be in the middle of nowhere.  We’re sensitive campers in that we never park in front of people’s homes or in places where we shouldn’t park.  We travel between 30 and 50 kilometres per day this not only keeps the diesel cost down but more importantly it keeps us from dashing everywhere.

Our Bumble

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