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Scrub Hub Ashington

Scrub Hub Ashington

Thank you to everyone in my network for helping me to set up Scrubhub Ashington.

We are now live and ready to take orders from local NHS staff and care workers for scrubs.

Your kind donations will help to pay for the fabric. The machinists and cutters are doing this voluntarily for the NHS staff, as am I who will be delivering the cuts pieces to machinists and collecting the finished garments to distribute to the local NHS and care staff.

A special thanks to Jill Lloyd from AGE UK for helping to spread the word amongst our local community to find volunteers and to David Reay for helping me find a bulk cutter and to Rachel Jane Lister for volunteering to help me with the initial set up and admin. You are all amazing. Please spread the word so that we can help as much as we possibly can.