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Onesie Love Stories - Jeremy

Onesie Love Stories - Jeremy

"I knew I wanted a onesie for a long time and I had one for some time. It was a nice one and it got old and I wanted a new one...but I couldn't find the perfect one until I find that I could build my own here...I built it and wasn't sure that I wanted to spend so much for one...but I did it...

Then I tried it...

Then I just loved it...!!!

It's just the perfect comfy item from feet to head with the thumbed hand!

If I don't want the feet to be dirty or if I m too warm I can take them is just PERFECT! I just cannot imagine a more comfy clothes ...I just could wear it everywhere !!! Once you wear it you never want to take it of! It's just another perfect skin that match you and is full comfy!

Love it!"

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