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Product Improvements

Product Improvements

The Short Onesie


Since creating the Original Create-your-Own Onesie back in 2008, we have evolved with your needs and suggestions. 


We all love our Onesies, but sometimes they can be a little too warm to wear, so after hearing your ideas, our team of Master Craftsmen got to work and have developed the Create-your-Own Short Onesie.


With the comfort of our much loved original Onesie, but with the coolness of shorter sleeves and leg lengths, it can now be #OnesieTime all year round! 


Perfect for chilling in during the summer months, and for sleeping in on the warmer nights. 

For the ultimate summer comfort, you can choose your fabric type and colour, whether you'd like a front or back zip, a hood, pockets, and even personalisation.


We hope you have just as much fun designing your Short Onesie as we did creating it. 


The Short Onesie can also be sewn with Sensory Seams, so there's nothing that causes irritation – perfect for you if you suffer from SPD or would just rather not feel the seams on the inside. Don’t forget that 5% of each sensory order is donated to The National Autistic Society as a thank you for helping us create the sensory seams.


Orders are dispatched within 7-14 days but if you need yours sooner just let us know in the order instructions box at the checkout and we will prioritise it for you.


Have fun designing yours!


Create-your-Own Shortsie

Hot Water Bottle Covers

We have also improved the design of our Hot Water Bottle Cover.

Our Hotties now come with a working zipper for easy access when refilling your Hot Water Bottle.

You can still Create-your-Own Hottie in the fabric and colour of your choice, as well as having the option to add personalisation.

Our Hot Water bottle Covers also come complete with pockets - the perfect place to pop your tissues when feeling under the weather.

Create-your-Own Hot Water Bottle Cover

Pyjama Cases

We've also been working on our Cushion Covers, which can now double up as a pyjama case and keep your Onesie nice and snug whilst you aren't wearing it.

Our Pyjama Cases can be created in any fabric and colours, so you could create yours to match your Onesie.  They also come complete with a Zip Tab and even pockets so you can store your snacks whilst enjoying a Onesie movie night on the sofa.

You can take personalisation further by adding embroidery.

Create-your-Own Pyjama Case