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How to: Create-your-Own Max Suit!

How to: Create-your-Own Max Suit!

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 As the official Max Suit supplier for the Warner Brothers launch of "Where the Wild Things Are" DVD. You can now Create-your-Own Max Suit for the whole family!

Tailored to you, all of our Max Suit onesies are handmade to order by a team of Master Craftsmen and can be customised on our Personalised Onesie Builder.


How to Create-your-Own Max Suit



Head to our Max Suit Collection where you'll find pre-designed Max Suits for Men, Women, Children and Babies.

Once you've selected your Max Suit you can then customise it on our Personalised Onesie Builder.

You're able to select your size, leg length and whether or not you'd like your Onesie sewn with Sensory Seams.

Sewn in a way that seams feel seamless, no labels are sewn into the Onesie and there is nothing that causes irritation.

5% of all Sensory Orders is donated to The National Autistic Society.


Your Max Suit will already be pre-filled with our Fluffy Fawn Lambskin fabric, but you're able to pick and choose your fabric options for each part of your Onesie if you wish.


You can then add pockets to your Onesie, whether it's Front Pockets, Side Pockets, Sleeve Pockets or a Chest Pocket. Perfect for keeping bits and bobs safe while out on your adventures.


Now the fun really starts! You can then change your cuffing options, customise your zip, change your hood and ear fabrics - or even change your ears if you wish! You can choose whether or not you'd like feet, and even change the colour of your tail fur.



Finally, you can personalise your Max Suit Onesie with embroidery, whether it's  a name, message or image.


Each of our Max Suits are handmade to order and take 7-14 days.
You can enter any special requirements or measurements in the Order Instructions Box at the Checkout and our development team will tailor your Onesie to your specifications.

If you'd like your Max Suit in time for Halloween, pop a note in the Order Instructions Box at the Checkout.

"Let the wild rumpus start..."

Create-your-Own Max Suit