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Everyone Deserves Pyjamas

Everyone Deserves Pyjamas

"Something that’s very close to my heart is developing at a fast pace and I thought I’d let you know what we are doing as I think you’ll feel as strongly as I do.


At the beginning of the year I watched Dispatches- Born on the Breadline on Channel 4 and was really taken aback by the amount of Baby Banks that are needed throughout the country, to help support families who are on low incomes to help provide them with equipment, toys and clothing for their children.


On doing some further research we found that these Baby Banks link with Women’s refuge centres and supply women who are in desperate need, when they arrive, for clothing for their children and themselves, put simply they arrive with nothing but the clothes that they are wearing.


The All-in-One Company was started because I needed to keep my daughter, Lilly, warm at night as she was a little fidget and would repeatedly kick off her covers and wake feeling cold. I needed a warm sleepsuit to keep her cosy all night, and there wasn’t such a thing on the market for children aged over 18 months.


Now, 10 years on, we are able to donate onesies for children and families throughout the country, through Baby Banks and Women’s Refuge Centres. We have been doing this using the onesies that have been used for marketing purposes and we are now making baby onesies using the offcuts from your orders. So every piece of fabric is used to create something very special.


Each week a box of onesies is sent to a Baby Bank and each week we are helping to keep more and more children warm at night.


No One Should Be Without Pyjamas. Emma Armstrong from the RBWA  has made this short film to explain."

We feel honoured to be able to help out with such an amazing cause. We hope our blankets and Onesies help those in need. We are urging other Baby Banks, charities and organisations to get in touch by e-mailing or ringing 01670 522478.




Another charity that is very close to our hearts in The National Autistic Society.


Working alongside The National Autistic Society, we wanted to create clothing that could make everyone feel Snuggeltastic®.




NAS arranged for children with Autism to come and visit us here at The All-in-One Company to help us design a Onesie that was suitable to wear.


In March 2017, we launched the worlds first Sensory Onesie.


Sewn in a way that seams feel seamless, there is nothing that causes irritation.

No labels are sewn into the Onesie, and you can request a complimentary fabric sample pack with our 'Feel First' service, so you can select the fabric that feels best for you, just email


There are absolutely no limitations, you can still design your Onesie exactly how you want it, from hoods, tails, feet, ears and even embroidery.


Inside the onesie, you'll find a zip cover in the fabric you have selected so it'll feel nice and soft against the skin. Any embroidery will also have a fabric backing to prevent any discomfort.



This year, we have more than doubled our Sensory Onesie Sales, and for each one we donate 5% to The National Autistic Society as a thank you for helping us create the Sensory Onesie.