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Plant Power - Our NEW Compostable Mail Bags

Plant Power - Our NEW Compostable Mail Bags

Plants - Not Plastic




"I have always been keen to do the best I can for the environment. Our mail bags started off as the degrader mailers which were biodegradable and our duffle bags were 100% recyclable. But now we have found compostable mail bagsĀ which is even better!


Having just returned from a wonderful week in North Wales we found the most amazing Organic Farm shop, at the checkout they popped our goods into bags made from plants not plastic.


Back in the office my daughter Lilly, as part of her apprenticeship, started to do some research as to where these amazing bags came from and if we could find mail bags rather than carrier bags made from plants not plastic.


Lilly ordered some samples to make sure that the new mail bags would be sturdy enough to get our wonderful onesies to the other side of the world - and yes - they would!


So, I am pleased to announce that we are now about to send the first orders out in plants not plastic!"


Kate Dawson - Founder, The All-in-One Company