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My First Event At Make it British Live 2019

My First Event At Make it British Live 2019

" was nice to know that what we do is what we should be doing".


The All-in-One Company began in 2008, after Kate Dawson struggled to find a sleep suit to keep her daughter, Lilly, warm at night.

10 years on, Lilly has joined the team and is completing a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with Virtual College. Back in May, Lilly attended Make it British Live - her first ever event.


"Before the event I was scared to go because I had never been to an event before and didn’t know what to expect from it. However when we got there it was a lot better than I thought and I settled quite well, it helped having Kate and Rachel there who had been before so they knew what it was like and what to do.



I was also nervous about talking to potential customers and answering any questions they had because I haven’t worked at the company long so I didn’t know the answers to some of their questions and I wanted to say the right things so that they hopefully bought our product or told other people about the company.


Something I didn’t expect was other companies around us to be so nice, it was interesting hearing about what other people did and how they were finding it this year.


I thought that the speakers that I heard were both very good and gave really interesting advice to people for example, Tom Glover from Peregrine advised that made in the UK is a brand in its self and all businesses should get to know their customers and what they want which is what we try very hard to do and think we do well. So it was nice to know that what we do is what we should be doing. The other speaker was Simon Middleton, He spoke about the truth about branding and said that the most important part about a business is the story and the meaning behind it.

The digital marketing apprenticeship is through virtual college which is an online apprenticeship so instead of going into college one day a week we have a webinar for a week every 6 weeks where we do college work in an online classroom, where our teacher talks us through different topics and sets us tasks to complete throughout the day.


Overall this apprenticeship has given me a lot of new experiences for example, events I’ve attend that I wouldn’t normally and new topics that I’d never heard of before. The online college week is a lot harder than I thought it would be and a lot more detailed. I would defiantly recommend it to people but I think that if you’re quite a slow learner and need a lot of help then I don’t know if this would be the best type of apprenticeship just because we go through everything quite fast and it is hard to understand if you’ve never done any type of digital marketing before. However it is still really interesting and you do learn a lot in the webinar week that we do. If you are a fast learner or have had some experience in digital marketing then this a great type of apprenticeship and I definitely think it helps a lot."