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Emotional Results of the NE LEP Project-Led Learning

Emotional Results of the NE LEP Project-Led Learning

"The buzz of being able to pass on information that ignites a spark in someone else is the best feeling in the world..."


"As a qualified NNEB Nursery Nurse I still find being linked to education as exciting as I did when I was 18. The buzz of being able to pass on information that ignites a spark in someone else is the best feeling in the world and that's exactly what has happened during this Project-Led learning program that I have been involved in.

My experience has been profound. It has been exceptional in all areas and it was a pleasure to be able to share my experience with the Enterprise Advisors and so many other influential people at the evening celebration at The Baltic on 12th June.

Working with the textile students from Churchill Community College has given me the opportunity to go and share my story with the students of how The All-in-One Company began. I was then able to set the students a project based on my experience of needing something (a Onesie) that wasn't available on the high street or online.

The students were fully engaged, thinking up ideas of the things that they needed that weren't yet available. One student in particular was really buzzing at the challenge and was asking loads of questions. After the session the teacher mentioned to me that usually this particular student found it difficult to focus and was usually disruptive in the class.

I left the session after an hour and a half, I was only supposed to be there for 30 minutes to set the project but as it was a double lesson I was able to stay and help the students work through their ideas, which was fabulous.

The next step was for the students to come and visit the factory to show the results of their projects to me. This one particular student was the first at the door, she couldn't wait to get inside, and asked me as soon as I opened the door to welcome them in, if she could talk to me about an apprenticeship. The passion and desire was so evident from the moment I met her and I think she would be an amazing addition to the team once her schooling is complete.

I was also asked to talk to the children at Hadrian Park Primary School, which is a feeder school into Churchill Community College. One of the students said, I know you Kate, My sister is going to work for you as an apprentice.

How lovely is this, not only has a student been inspired into knowing what she would like to do when she leaves school, she is also communicating this at home and inspiring her younger siblings into thinking whats next after school.

If you are in a position to link with schools in this way do get in touch so that I can point you in the right direction. Its so fulfilling to be able to inspire others into an industry that you feel passionate about."

Kate Dawson - The All-in-One Company