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We all need a little TLC

We all need a little TLC

Repair, Rather than Replace

We all have that favourite pair of jeans. The old jumper that just can’t be thrown out. Some items of clothing are irreplaceable, we just can’t do without them.

 That’s how we feel about our Create-your-Own Onesies, they are special because they have been handmade especially for you.

We don’t like landfill. But we love our onesies, so as part of our commitment to the environment we now offer the TLC service, so you can repair, rather than replace.


You can return your beloved onesie to us, for a new zip, feet and cuffs so it feels like new again.

A new lease of life, for the next chapter of memories and Snuggletastic® hugs, forever.

For £25 plus delivery you can return your Onesie for a pampering session, it will receive a new zip, new cuffs and new soles of the feet. So much better to be able to keep your loyal trusted Onesie companion rather than replace it completely, when it just needs a little TLC.


All you need to do is a pop a little note in with your Onesie to say you're returning it for a little TLC, and the return address.

Simply return it to us, with your details inside and a note to say you're returning your Onesie for a little TLC. Please mention if there is anything specific that you would like us to take care of. We will send an invoice for the £25 plus delivery if outside the UK.


Return your Onesie to:

The All-in-One Company
19 High Market
NE63 8NE