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Onesie Love Story Competition Winner

Onesie Love Story Competition Winner

"My Love for Onesies"

We'd like to say Congratulations to Torsten, one of our fabulous customers from Germany, on winning our Onesie Love Story Competition.

It is inexplicable for me, but already since I was 10 years old, I was fascinated by one-piece clothing! Whether that was due to my first onesie, I do not know. I can not remember this suit either. But there is the photo with the onesie of 1951. One month later I became 3 years old.

Then I did an apprenticeship as a carpenter. There was the usual clothing carpenter blouse work pants and apron - awful! After the apprenticeship I discovered a jumpsuit with diagonal zipper and many zippered pockets (it should be a rally overall), that was my big love in the 60's! He was soft and the Missing Covenant were not just the only features I liked. Added to that was that it felt very soft even though it was made of a cotton fabric.

In the seventies, the jumpsuit made of jeans - fabric in the shops! For the Lord but only very isolated. But I had to have one (the photo from 1978). But it did not fulfill my expectations. So I started to make a white cotton jumpsuit myself. With black zippers and also with many such bags (unfortunately, there is no more photo). In the seventies there were also sleepoveralls from a swiss linen company! That was the big breakthrough for me! Always warm all over! No high-slip pant legs and a quick on and off! So that was my house and nightwear into the new millennium! But the company stopped production for several years. So I made my overalls again! In parallel, I had found a fiber fur overalls, the sailor under the oil can give heat. I bought this as a house and jogging suit and loved it! The soft, cuddly inside not only gave enough warmth in the winter, but the fabric stroked one very pleasant on the skin. But for many years, it only existed in navy blue. That was too boring for me in the long run.

For me the entrance into the Internet came only in the new millenium! I can not speak and write in English. It was a blessing for me to be able to work with the computer in German as well.
And also a curse, on the internet you can find everything you are looking for! So I found in the US Footed Pajamas - that was like a fulfillment of a still unknown desire! As usual only for toddlers there were these pajamas with sewn socks and soft fleece with some funny patterns! These were then my favorites at home and under a dungarees on the road over many years (from 2005 - 2013) Since the terms of delivery has changed so that I should pay for the transport and customs clearance three times the value of goods (without import taxes ). With all the negative there is always something positive! In 2011, I discovered the www. The All in One Company UK. I was very excited! Here I was able to design my own ideas of a self-developed onesie! The supply of supplementary parts was still significantly lower than today! So I ordered my first onesie with Kate! Well, it should have everything and that had not turned out to be quite as convenient in terms of comfort. But then I got him in 2011 (photo). At that time it was not as soft inside as you would expect it from the outside quietly! Kate then recommends me to access the Cuddel Bear fabric. That's how a first bear onesie was born! He still got embroidery on his back (the logo of the company I was working on at the moment) and my name on the front. So in the company he made a great impression! The women with us wanted to get such a job as well! But the management did not like that! But I was allowed to come to the night watch as I wanted!

From now on my ideas grew and Kate got a big fear of my new ideas! There's the frog of mine. With frog - gloves and socks, a devil with horns and ears, an onesie for the trip to the North Cape in November with logo of the shipping and my travel appointment on embroidered and a mitten with a grip for the index finger for a better photograph. A pointed hat Onesie with a very long hood! A cheese onesie with sewn stuffed animal mouse (shared) - That was the biggest challenge for the whole team! Then the Britannia Onesie was still an almost normal task (photo of the ferry back home in 2018) Yes and last but not least my Santa Onesie! I gave families a gift on Christmas Eve - it was a great joy for everyone.
In the years from 2011 to today I have about the 30 pieces of The All in One Onesies! Especially for me are always the super soft Cuddle Fleece Onsie!
Especially for me are always the super soft Cuddle Fleece Onsie! As you slip so nice soft and then when the zipper is closed, you may not open it! Since I have these Onesies, I always sleep without a blanket! It's a feeling of security, yes - these suits are addictive! Attention!

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