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Sewing Machine Day

Sewing Machine Day

Today is Sewing Machine Day!

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Sewing machines are often use for repairing worn and damaged clothes, as well as for making new items from fabrics and materials!

The first patent for a sewing machine is evidenced by a diagram, by the inventor Thomas Saint, and Englishman, in 1790, although there is a possibility that Charles Weisenthal, a German had already invented a machine 35 years earlier to go with a machine needle he had patented.

The inventors Isaac Singer and Elias Howe from the United States, significantly improved the early designs of sewing machines in the 1840s and 1850s, and are often credited as the inventors of the appliance.

Sewing machines were first purchased by the general public in the 1860s, often by women, which cut down their sewing time from approximately 14.5 hours by hand, to 1 hour using the machine and by 1863, the Singer Manufacturing Company were selling 20,000 machines a year for home use!

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Here at The All-in-One Company we use Industrial Sewing Machines –  heavy duty versions of a standard home sewing machine.

As members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen we take great pride in each Onesie. Your bespoke is individually sewn by our team of expert machinists. Every day, our Machinists work hard, sewing together your onesie creations right here in Northumberland.

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