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Industry Sparks - Live Final

Industry Sparks - Live Final

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Last week we attended Industry Spark's Live Final. Linking up with First Face to Face and North Tyneside Learning Trust, Industry Sparks asked 4 businesses; The All-in-One Company, Team Tyne Innovation, NHS - National Institute for Health Research, and Sunderland Software City, to come up with a project brief for the children in schools across the North East to help conquer problems faced in each sector.

We wanted the children to come up with an idea of how to encourage more young people to consider working in factories and manufacturing.

"UK Manufacturing has seen a decrease in young people taking an interest in the sector. They see the word ‘factory’ and think of dusty, Victorian buildings when in fact, factories are great places to work with good rates of pay and progression routes for employees.

The All-In-One Company would like students to come up with an idea to encourage more young people into manufacturing. We would like to see project ideas that show:

· Factories are exciting places to work

· UK manufacturing is growing"

Each group took turns presenting their idea - and they all did a brilliant job.

We then got to vote our winning team for each sector; Manufacturing, Digital, Health and Innovation.

A huge congratulations to the Red Team, who won our Manufacturing project. The Red Team thought that by introducing young adults to manufacturing through factory visits would help show that factories are no longer dark and dusty but are in fact fun and great places to work.

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We're so excited to help the winning team on their project, and are looking forward to welcoming in more students to Onesie HQ - which may just be the most Snuggletastic® factory around!

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Each group put a lot of time and effort into their projects, and we'd like to say well done to all of the children.