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Australia Day 2018

Australia Day 2018

Australia Day

It's Australia Day! Phillip, one of our All-in-One family members all the way from Australia, has kindly put together a brilliant blog post on Australia Day. Phillip has been an loyal customer for many years and he even came to visit us here at Onesie HQ!

"On this day in 1788 the First Fleet arrived lead by Captain Arthur Phillip (who later became Governor Arthur Phillip) on the first voyage to Australia. The First Fleet was comprised of 11 ships with a total of 1500 Convicts that left England enroute to New South Wales. Those ships where Charlotte, Scarborough, Friendship, Prince of Wales, Lady Penrhyn, Borrowdale, Alexander, Sirrus and Golden Grove. Laden with convicts and a marine corps sent by the British to settle in the great southern land.


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Fun Fact: Did you know that the first Aboriginal man Phillip encountered was a man by the name of Bennelong. Bennelong is also the name of the point (Point Bennelong) that the Sydney Opera House currently stands.

These men and women came not of their own free will, but as a punishment for their crimes. Crimes that today would not carry more than a slap on the wrist or worse still, a scolding from your parents! Crimes such as stealing a loaf of bread could see you given 7 or 14 years “Transportation” to the penal colony that was New South Wales.
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Fun Fact: Did you know that Captain James Cook was the first to discover the east coast of Australia in 1770 while on board the Endeavour.

The ships entered Port Jackson (Now known as Sydney Harbour) and after 250 days at sea, the convicts where offloaded and the Union Jack was planted and colonisation was formalised. Should you ever visit Sydney, take a wonder down to The Rocks area and you will see the history of the first settlement.
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Fun Fact: The ships where supposed to land in Botany Bay… However Phillip deemed it unsuitable and went up the coast to Port Jackson.
Contrary to much belief, Captain Arthur Philip was a peacemaker. A man of humanity and integrity. Phillip ordered that the local Eora Aboriginal People who resided in and around the waters of Sydney Harbour where to be treated with respect. Anyone found guilty of killing an Aboriginal man or woman was hanged. On a visit to nearby Manly, Phillip was speared in the shoulder after a mis-understanding, Phillip ordered his men not to retaliate. After ill health, in 1972, Phillip relinquished his role as Governor of New South Wales and returned to England where he later died in Bath 1814.
 This man is Woollarawerre Bennelong. The first Aboriginal man to have encounters with Governor Arthur Phillip
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Fun Fact: Did you know that what is now known as Queensland, New South Wales & Victoria was known all as New South Wales.

Fast forward 230 years and now we see a prosperous, successful, proud nation. From those humble beginnings back in 1788 to a nation now that sports 24 million people from literally all corners of the globe. Our First People, the Aborigines who for over 40,000 years inhabit this land and still practice their customs in the modern day. Today, Aboriginal people are successful in business, the arts and even in politics.
Fun Fact: Did you know that our current National Anthem “Advance Australia Fair” was adopted in 1984, prior to then we sang “God Save The Queen/King”

Today,. January 26th, Australians all over this wide brown land and indeed ex-pat Australians living in other countries will pause to celebrate the achievements of this wonderful country.  BBQ’s are held, cricket matches take place, the Australian Open Tennis continues. Our national celebrations will be held in Canberra with the announcement of the annual Australian of The Year.  Our newest Australians are welcomed into “Team Australia” with citizenship ceremonies held across the country, where those who pledge the oath of allegiance will become Australians.
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Fun Fact: On January 26th, 1988 we celebrated our Bi-centenary of the landing of the first fleet.

To this day, we are still a proud member of The Commonwealth of Nations with Queen Elizabeth our Monarch and long may she reign.

Our system of Government and our Judicial System is based on the Westminster System. While Queen Elizabeth is our Head of State, we do have The Governor General, currently Sir Peter Cosgrove represents The Queen and has Royal Assent. Australia however did not become an official Federation until 1 January 1901, where the colonies of New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania joined together in Federalism to form The Commonwealth of Australia. Fiji and New Zealand where also invited to join, however they politely declined.
Fun Fact: Did you know that Kangaroo & Emu on our Coat of Arms are there yes because they are native animals, but more importantly, they cannot walk backwards.
The All-in-One Company Phillips blogThe All-in-One Company Phillips blogScreen Shot 2018-01-23 at 09.57.46
The 2018 Australian Of The Year is Professor Michelle Yvonne Simmons. British born Simmons is a world leading scientist in the field of quantum physics. Professor Simmons leads a team developing a silicon quantum computer able to solve problems in minutes rather than thousands of years, is passionate about encouraging girls to pursue a career in science and technology and has been recognised for her work with this prestigious honour.
The Australian of the year is about recognising every day Australians for their work. Australians who go about their profession without any fanfare or publicity. Winners have been community leaders, scientists, business men and women all from a wide cross section of the community. 
So in celebrating the birthday of our great nation.. I hope you will join with me in throwing a Barbie, have a Fosters, listen to some classic Aussie music and even get your very own Australia Flag onesie from Onesie HQ  all while celebrating whats great about Australia. 
“I love a sunburnt country, 
A land of sweeping plains, 
Of ragged mountain ranges, 
Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons, 
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror -
The wide brown land for me!"
- Dorothy Mackellar

Happy Australia Day!!"

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As Australia is around 11 hours ahead of us here in the UK, we recieved a lovely email from Phillip this morning to say that they everyone a fabulous day celebrating Australia Day - he even sent us some photos of the parade!

"A lovely Australia Day was had today by thousands of Australians in Melbourne today and of course by millions right across the country..  a very humid day in Melbourne, but that didn’t stop thousands from lining Swanston St for the annual Australia Day Parade."

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 08.56.55