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The All-in-One Company® Fabric Guide - Cotton T-Shirt

The All-in-One Company® Fabric Guide - Cotton T-Shirt

Do you love your Onesie, but is it a little too warm to wear?

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Our premium quality Cotton Jersey T-Shirt could be the perfect fabric choice for you.

Lightweight and breathable, our Cotton T-Shirt will keep you feeling cooler in the warmer weather, and a little more cosy during the colder months, so you're able to wear your Onesie no matter what the weather.

Our Cotton T-Shirt also provides just the right amount of Snuggletastic®-ness for sleeping in.

97% Cotton and 3% Elastane

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There are lots of different colours and patterns to choose from in our Cotton T-Shirt range.
You can mix and match as many as you like to create a personalised, unique onesie design.

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‘I have bought 4 fleece onesies for family and myself I have just bought a summer cotton onesie.
The quality of the cotton is second to none and the finish of the onesie is flawless.

Many thanks for another great garment.’

*All fabrics comply with the International oeko tex standard testing.*

If you’d like to see our fabrics before ordering, you can order your very own Cotton T-Shirt Fabric Pack.
Just head to our fabulous Fabric Page and select the colours and patterns you'd like to see.

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The All-in-One Company Cotton T Shirt