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The All-in-One Company® Fabric Guide - Organic Cotton

The All-in-One Company® Fabric Guide - Organic Cotton

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Non-allergenic, comforting, 100% plant-derived, and soothing, our Organic Cotton Collection is natural, renewable and biodegradable.

Organic Cotton is often called the most skin-friendly, most soothing, and most harmless natural fibre, making it the perfect fabric for our luxurious all-in-ones.

Organic Cotton Onesies

Our Organic Cotton Fabrics also contain 5% Elastane. That teeny tiny percentage of elastane is essential for comfort and movement of the fabric – we want you to feel as snuggle-tastic as possible!

Organic Cotton Percetages

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*All fabrics comply with the International oeko tex standard testing.*

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If you’d like to see our fabrics before ordering, you can order your very own Organic Cotton Fabric Pack.
Just head to our fabulous Fabric Page and select the colours and patterns you’d like to see.

Why don't you Create-your-Own Organic Cotton Onesie?

You’re able to design your very own, by choosing your fabrics, adding pockets, feet, mittens, a hood, ears and even a tail, so you can have it as simple or as creative as you’d like.

To add that extra special touch, you can then add personalisation, whether it be a name, or a message, choosing from a wide range of embroidery colours, fonts and images.


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