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When did you last check your Loyalty Points?

When did you last check your Loyalty Points?

It's time to check your Loyalty Points

Did you know... Every time you place an order at The All-in-One Company, you are rewarded with Loyalty Points?


When you create an account, you receive 1 Loyalty Point (Value £1) for every £10 you spend. You're then able to redeem your Loyalty Points (in multiples of 5) and use them against your next order.

How do you check your Loyalty Points?

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  1. Log into your account –
    (You can create an account when you place an order)
  2. Click on ‘Rewards‘. Here you’ll see how many points you have and the option to redeem them. Loyalty points are redeemed in multiples of 5.
  3. When you’ve selected how many points you’d like to redeem, click ‘Get Voucher‘ and you’ll be given a personalised voucher code to use against your next order.
  4. Create your Onesie on our Personalised Onesie Builder and enter your code at the checkout.

Refer a Friend

When you Log into your Account you also have the option to 'Refer a Friend'.
You can earn more rewards by referring your friends so that you earn points when they order their fantastic onesies as well!
To refer your friends just click on the rewards tab within your account when you have registered and follow the instructions to start watching your points stack up!