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Worldwide Onesies - Worldwide Education!

Worldwide Onesies - Worldwide Education!

Worldwide Onesies - Worldwide Education!

"Education has always been a passion for me. I started my career as a nursery nurse and have loved working with children, inspiring them to investigate and encouraging them to explore new ideas.

The All-in-one Company has been a wonderful platform to be able to share knowledge on ecommerce, manufacture and marketing with children and young adults of all ages. We can share our knowledge and skills with schools, colleges and universities and we have some lovely stories and feedback to share with you about our journey so far linking business and education."
Kate Dawson, Director, The All-in-One Company

Our relationship with Bedlington High School first began all the way back in 2010.
A group of sixth form students studying textiles asked if they could see the factory in production. The students enjoyed it so much, they wanted to take part in the company, so Kate set them a challenge.

A collection of ‘Go Green’ onesies were designed on our Personalised Onesie Builder and they looked fab! The concept of the collection was based on an important environmental issue ‘save energy by wearing a onesie – with cool green fabrics mixed with animal prints and embroidered messages.

The students then got to model their Onesie Collection in their very own photoshoot.

go green onesies

Over the next couple of years, the students were invited back multiple times to participate in various photoshoots, from studio shoots and product launches to lifestyle shoots next Warkworth Castle with a BBQ, and in luxurious log cabins having picnics, bike riding around the lake, fishing, soaking in the hot tub, opening presents, lighting lanterns, fireworks and even having a Christmas feast!

WarkworthLog cabins

Following in the footsteps of the former sixth formers, were the new Year 10 students (that also attend Bedlington High School) came to visit the factory.

The students came to spend the morning here at The All-in-One Company to see a real life business and how it was set up.

The fabulous Director of the company, Kate Dawson is an inspiration to all budding enterprise students who are thinking about setting up their own business. Kate told the students all about her inspirational journey on how The All-in-One Company came to life.

The students then got to tour the factory and saw how a Onesie was handmade to order from cutting, embroidery, sewing, inspection and packing.

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 14.52.45

Amy Raisbeck was one of the sixth form students that took part in our photoshoots. After school, Amy went on to study for a Fashion Marketing degree at Northumbria University. During her placement year, Amy returned to The All-in-One Company for a 6 months work placement.

"My role give me experience across different areas such as designing all-in-ones, pattern cutting to marketing activities and I got to be part of a great work team. During my time on placement I took part in further studio photography shoots modelling new design developments which by the way are amazing and something to keep an eye out for!

My journey with The All-in-One Company has been amazing but most of all an unforgettable experience I can take with me. With the help and kindness of Kate Dawson – director of the company I have gained a wonderful experience and owe a very big thank you too."

In 2016 Pupils at Malvin’s Close school in Blyth were given a special insight into the world of work thanks to a visit by high profile local employers, one of which was our very own Kate Dawson.

Kate got to show the Key Stage 2 children how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) fits with our Onesies.
"Making onesies – just like any manufacturing process – required an understanding and use of STEM subjects, Science and technology have created our website, which is at the heart of our business, engineers have designed and built our sewing machines, and our cutters and machinists use maths to ensure they follow the pattern." - Kate Dawson

We welcomed Ella, A year 10 student looking to complete her work experience in July 2015.
Ella knew she wanted to work in the Textile Industry, and thought The All-in-One Company would be the perfect place to do her work experience.

"Everyone was very welcoming and I learnt a lot. I experienced lots of roles in the making, selling and branding processes of the bespoke onesie company. From customer services and admin with Mandy to the sewing and packing of the onesies with Edith, Alison and Trina. I helped Lynn in the cutting room and she gave me some helpful tips for making my own textile projects at home. I also spent some time with Becky who does the marketing and I think fashion marketing is what I would like to do in the future.
Five days gave me plenty of time to look at everything without having to try and rush things, therefore I gained a better understanding of what each job role entails.
The company is more like a little ‘All In One Family’. They have customers all over the world: from the US to Australia and Germany.
I really enjoyed seeing the different processes in making the onesies. Their morning meetings make sure that everyone knows of any changes with orders and what needs to be done that day. I love how almost everything is done by hand and all under one roof. The fabric room is the most colourful and fluffy place I have ever seen and the fabrics are all good quality.
I also like that they are part of Made in Britain, hand making everything here in the UK, yet delivering worldwide.  I really enjoyed my time at The All-in-One Company and am very grateful for the opportunity they gave me."

We have also worked with HND Photography students at Northumberland College.

To celebrate the uniqueness of Northumberland and the uniqueness of  The All-in-One Company through story telling, Kate Dawson,set the HND Photography Students at Northumberland college a task in which the students had to create unique onesies to fit alongside the students story telling project – while staying true to the North East.

There were lots of different different designs, from Little Red Riding Hood Onesies to Northumbrian Flag Onesies!

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 11.36.46

Faye Robinson, a Northumbria University Fashion Design student, came to The All-in-One Company in April 2016 to complete her work experience. Exploring new Fabric Collection, Faye was full of passion and enthusiasm.

"Growing up I always knew I wanted to work within the creative industry. Whilst my friends chose English and Science as GCSE subjects, I could not wait to jump onto a sewing machine in the textiles room. Creating my very first garment confirmed my passion for fashion and designing.
My three month work experience adventure started in April at The All-in-one-Company. I was so nervous however quickly learnt there was no need to be once I met the team and completed my first day!
Throughout the first few weeks my daily tasks were to undertake market and fabric research.
I began by looking at how I could develop something innovative and exciting for the All-in-One Company. It was an exciting prospect to approach companies, ask questions and collect samples to show the team.
Throughout the researching process, other duties included sourcing fabrics for elements around the factory and help with final touches approaching the new experience launch.
Further responsibilities were to create ‘kids fun pack’s’ and craft ideas for the crafty corner for people of all ages to complete whilst here at the All-in-One Company.
I have been lucky enough to have involvement throughout the run up to the launch with things such as photoshoots, filming and researching. It was interesting to see the behind the scenes preparation of bookings and how things were going to come together.
Meeting the film crew and photographers was also a great experience and really enjoyable."

Thomas Nouet began his All-in-One Company Adventure in May 2017. A student from France, Thomas came over to the UK to complete his business work experience to help UK businesses increase export.

"I begin the adventure the 9th of May. An adventure of 8 weeks. I discover the english life. I discover the life in the company.
My work is simply : I must to found disability sports clubs, organization about sensory disorders. All this thing in France, Germany, Australia, USA, Canada and more. It’s a real experience, to quick for me.
I was immediately welcomed in the company, where the good atmosphere reigns.
It was the first time that I was leaving so long, especially to go to work: it had never happened to me. But it is an experience that I will joyfully begin again, here or elsewhere.
I enjoyed participating in the life of the company, being included in it and feeling empowered. I make decisions myself, it's something I like.
I see and discover everything that makes up the company: communication, production, meetings. The opinion of everyone is important, everyone listens.
My work here really liked me, I felt useful. And I felt like I was really helping, participating and just doing what I had to do.
It was a very rewarding experience, from a personal and professional point of view."

Shoana and Valentina were international students from China and the Ukraine. They were doing their master’s degree in fashion management at Northumbria University. As part of their dissertations they asked if they could interview Kate to find out more about marketing and running a small manufacture ecommerce business. Valentina was credited with a distinction for her dissertation - Well done Valentina!!

Valentina also completed a 4 week internship at The All-in-One Company, working alongside our Marketing team.

"During pursing my master degree in Northumbria University I was working on the project about The All-in-One Company. It was one of the most interesting projects that eventually inspired me and benefited a lot towards my thesis. 
Needless to say that when Kate told me that there is an opportunity to work for The All-in-One Company as a marketing intern I was very excited. 
During my internship I was trying to bring into the motion my ideas and improve the company profile. It was challenging but very interesting. During marketing meeting I felt that I was an important member of the team and my opinion is valuable. That is why I felt in love with The All-in-One Company, because they care. They care about their product, their customers and their workers.
Thanks again The All-in-One Company for such an amazing experience!"

Keep a look out for our next link with schools - we have been very busy in our film making department working on exciting new projects!

Please let us know if you would like to work with us on any projects that you may have or if you would like to contact Kate regarding the links with education, you can call us on 01670 522478, or email Kate at; - we look forward to hearing from you!