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Introducing our NEW Sensory Onesie Film

Introducing our NEW Sensory Onesie Film

Watch how our Sensory Onesie came to life...

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We are so excited to share our NEW Sensory Onesie film with you!

We've been working alongside The National Autistic Society to create the perfect Autism friendly Onesie suitable for thoseon the autistic spectrum.

Hand crafted to order, and an affordable luxury that will help change lives, the only Sensory Onesie in the world is sewn in a way that seams feel soft and seamless, offering comfort and peace of mind to those on the autistic spectrum or with sensory issues.

Find out how our Sensory Onesie came to life...

As over 90% of people with Autism have Sensory issues, you're able to select your fabric type from our huge luxurious fabric range.
There are lots of different colours, thicknesses, textures and patterns to choose from, so to help you find the perfect fabric for you - can even mix and match as many different colours and patterns as you'd like.

 You're able to see a fabric swatch samples before ordering by emailing with the fabrics you'd like to see and the best address to send them too.

Swatches Featured

Our Sensory Onesie is still totally Create-your-Own, so you can add as many Add-On's as you wish.

From ears, hoods, tails, and pockets - to name but a few, you can give your Onesie lots of personality.
Mix and match ears and tails to create a bespoke and unique design.

All of our Onesies now come with a Zip Cover, so the back of the zip is covered with fabric, making it soft against the skin.

Zip Covers

*Onesies can also be double stitched to prevent ripping or tearing*

Prices start at £44.50 for babies, £49.50 for children and £64.50 for adults.
(That's only around 9p a week for a year! Perfect for the price of comfort!)

5% of each Sensory Onesie sale will be donated to
The National Autistic Society

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Everyone deserves to feel Snuggletastic®

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