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Who Made Your Clothes? Mandy

Who Made Your Clothes?  Mandy

Who Made my Clothes? - Mandy

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Mandy studied Fashion & Textiles at Foundation and BTEC levels at Northumberland College from 2009 to 2011, before joining The All-in-One Company.
Mandy's first role was training to become the embroidery technician, learning how to use the embroidery machine to personalise the onesies with all of your lovely names and messages. 

After a very busy year, embroidering all of your onesie creations, and with experience on a sewing machine, Mandy then moved on to quality control. In the job role that requires a good eye, Mandy inspects each panel of the onesie before it moves on to sewn by the machinists, whilst cutting the correct sizing labels and trim.

Mandy also began her Level 2 apprenticeship in Fashion and Textiles at this time - which was especially set up for her and fellow apprentice Becky, covering a range of different topics, from all aspects of the business to a lot of health and safety, from 2012 to 2013.

After powering through the Level 2 course, Mandy (and Becky) began their Level 3 apprenticeship in Fashion and Textiles. From late 2013 to March 2015, Mandy  whizzed through project after project, covering more in depth scenarios on how a business is run, while having the opportunity to spread her wings in the workplace. Gaining knowledge in different areas of work in the business, Mandy began her job role in administration and online customer service.

After flying through the level 3 and working hard in gaining all forms of knowledge in different areas of work, Mandy is now positioned in online customer services, administration, quality control, stock check and even back to being the embroidery technician too, where it all started.

Mandy has also gained experience in front of the camera, modelling a range of different onesies. See if you're able to spot her around our site.

Who Made my Clothes? - Mandy