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Who Made Your Clothes? Lynn

Who Made Your Clothes?  Lynn

Who Made My Clothes? - Lynn




Lynn has been with us from the very beginning, working at The All-in-One Company for almost seven years! (That means she's made thousands of onesies!)

Lynn is Head Cutter here at The All-in-One Company, but has had experience in different roles such as being a  machinist, testing mouth pieces for breathing apparatus for helicopter survival (as well as putting them together) and dealing with stock.

Who Made My Clothes? - Lynn

Lynn first started cutting and machining at a factory called Shark Sports, where they used to make helicopter survival suits, life jackets, lap jackets, and other garments such as coats and trousers.

She is  a trained a machinist,with experience working on various machines such as Flat Machine, Zig Zag Machine, Overlock Machine, and Bartack Machine. Not to mention working on a big spreading machine which would roll out the fabric for you, so you could layer up hundreds and hundreds of fabrics before cutting them with a straight knife. Lynn also has her certificate for Hot Air Taping, which is when you tape the seams of a suit or a jacket to make it waterproof.

Lynn has worked with a wide range of fabrics including Fleece, Gor-tex, Lycra, Netting, Plastics, and Napier - which requires a lot of heaving lifting as it is a heavy fabric, which had to be glued together as well as sewn to make it water tight.

Lynn has also had experience with photo shoots here at The All-in-One Company, not only working behind the scenes, but also modelling the onesies in front of the camera.

Lynn Photoshoot