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Onesie Deliveries - Northumberland to Australia

Onesie Deliveries - Northumberland to Australia

We received a very special email from one of our Australian customers, Phillip, about his latest Onesie creation...

'Have I got a little story for you..

Thursday this week I come home to work to see a delivery card in my mail box..  Not being 100% sure what the item was I had a little suspicion that it may have come from Onesie HQ.. it wasn't until today, Saturday where I was able to pick it up... yep sitting at the post office was a blue parcel..


I get home and with much excitement I begin the carefully open the parcel... a little tease perhaps..


Look familiar... white poker dots... think I've seen those before!!

So I continue to open my parcel and look what I see... is that a onesie before my eyes?


Perfectly packed up I take out my bundle of love from the bag and OMG!!! First thing I notice is the abundance of colour and warmth that is my latest onesie design.


However I look closer, and even Snuggles has an addition to his little collection.

A lovely little multicoloured polka dot Onesie for Snuggles...

I am so happy and so is someone small..


So as you can imagine it didn't take long for me to jump into my latest Onesie HQ creation... first thing I notice is the softness of the fabric and lovely fit. The texture of the fabric is just beautiful.


So as always a massive


To the amazing Kate, Becky, Mandy and the entire team at Oneside HQ for yet another wonderful buying experience. From the initial enquiry to the amendments to the finished product... I cannot thank you enough. Sooo very happy as always.

Much love always

Me :)'

We're glad Phillip's Onesie is safe and sound with him all the way over in Australia!

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