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Who Made your Clothes? Trina

Who Made your Clothes? Trina

Meet your Maker - Trina


"I left school at 16 and went straight to college to do a BTEC in Fashion Design after finding my love for sewing from my Aunt. After completing my BTEC, I then completed my HND in Fashion Design.

After college, I got my degree in Fashion Design at Northumbria University.

After earning my degree, I moved to London where I worked as a Designers Assistant for a year, but found myself feeling really homesick.

I moved back up to Northumberland and started a job at an alterations shop where I then became Head Bridal Seamstress.

After a while I started working at The All-in-One Company for a change, a challenge and to be closer to my family home.

Here at The All-in-One Company, I spend my time as a machinist, cutter and pattern developer.

When i'm not working at The All-in-One Company, I spend my time working on my own small dress making business.

I work from home in my spare bedroom that I have now turned into my own little sewing room. Here I make dance costumes, dresses, quilts, and after all this time, I still do wedding dress alternations."