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The All-in-One Company - Craft Month

The All-in-One Company - Craft Month

craft month

The All-in-One Company - Craft Month

Today marks the first day of March, and the first day of 'Craft Month' and we're kicking off with an amazing creation...

Last year, we welcomed FIRST Face to Face and a group of young people to our factory.

FIRST Face to Face is am organisation that connects young people and start-ups to the local business community.

Earlier this week, we received a message from Megan, who happened to be on that visit...

'Hi it's Megan, I did the course for first face to face and we came to your factory. I took some of your scraps to make something and this is what I have made'

Megans Balnket

Megan has made an incredible blanket using our Offcut material! This is sure to keep her warm and feeling snugglestastic.

Has Megan inspired to make your own Offcut Creation? You can order your own bag of offcuts to start creating your own offcut creations.

Everyday, we cut lots of wonderful onesie creations, leaving us with leftover materials. We’ve come up with an environmentally friendly solution of disposing our offcuts (that also has a positive impact on our local community)- and that is by by not disposing them at all…
Each time we’ve created a onesie, we place the left over material in a scrap bag. We fill up our scrap bags until the are bursting with lots of our fabric in a range of colours and patterns! The best part? You can now buy a bag for yourself!
You’re able to use our off cut fabrics to make your very own off cut creations!
You can choose what size bag you’d like; small, medium, or large….


*In 3 different sizes, your offcutbag will contain a mixture of Micro, Polar and Cuddle Fleece offcuts in a range of different colours and patterns. The width and length sizing of the large bag of off-cuts may vary, but are approximately the size shown in the image.*

Did you know...

We donate our offcuts to schools and charities free of charge in exchange for photographs of all your fab creations?

Our bags of offcuts have already gone to a number of good homes, including Goosehill County First School, Chantry Middle and King Edward VIl schools in Morpeth;  West Sleekburn Middle School, Ringway First School, Bedlington High School, The Dales School in Blyth, Grove Special School in Berwick, Blyth Community College, Ellington and Linton First Schools, the William Leech Campus in Lynemouth, Bothal and Hirst Park Middle schools in Ashington, John Ambulance Day Care Centre in Ashington, Chester Court Care Home, Bedlington,  Pots and Pancakes, The People’s Animal Rescue and Re-homing Team in Amble, PAWS (People’s Animal Welfare Service) in Bedlington and Northern English Springer Spaniel Rescue in Red Row – and many, many more!

Just email today!