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The All-in-One Company - Kid Inventors Day!

The All-in-One Company - Kid Inventors Day!


Let's Get Creative!


Every year on January 17th, Benjamin Franklin's Birthday is celebrated with Kid Inventors Day. Over 300, at the age of 12, Benjamin invented the first pair of Swim Flippers!

Did you know that earmuffs, ice lollies, AND the trampoline were invented by kids?

We're celebrating Kid Inventors Day by encouraging kids to get creative on our Personalised Onesie Builder!

They can create their very own onesie, from choosing their fabrics, to Add-On's and even Embroidery.

We've had lots of Kid Inventors sending in their photos of them in their Onesie designs!

We LOVE seeing how creative you can be!


Children often come up with the most AMAZING Onesie creations, combining a range of different fabrics in various colours and patterns, as well as mixing and matching ears and tails.

From animal print unicorns, to a dinosaur with a rabbit tail, we've seen so many wild and wonderful Onesie designs, but there are still so many to create!

So let your kids imagination run wild by heading to our personalised onesie builder today!


Once your Child has received their All-in-One Onesie, they can enter our Monthly Adventure Competition!

All you have to do is take a photo of them wearing their Onesie - they could be in the garden, out on an adventure, or snuggling on the sofa. You can then send in their photograph and they'll be in with a chance of winning a £100 gift voucher to spend here at The All-in-One Company! Got another design in mind already?

There are plenty of ways to enter;

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