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The All-in-One Company - Cuddle up Day

The All-in-One Company - Cuddle up Day

Cuddle up in Premium Cuddle Fleece


Today is Cuddle up Day, and it's the perfect excuse for some 'Me Time' in a Premium Cuddle Fleece Onesie.

Whether you want to get rid of the January blues, or de-stress from your first week back at work after Christmas, your Cuddle Fleece Onesie will be there for you.

Unwind and wrap yourself up in pure luxury in our Premium Cuddle Fleece, thick, fluffy and snuggletastic.

With 10 different colours to chose from, you can mix and match to create a range of different designs.


There’s nothing like cuddling up to get rid of the January Blues, so cuddle up and design your very own Cuddle Fleece onesie on our personalised onesie builder.