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The All-in-One Company - Blue Monday

The All-in-One Company - Blue Monday

blue monday

Feeling Blue?

Today is Blue Monday. Blue Monday is reported to be the most unhappy day of the year. Christmas is well and truly over, the weather is cold and gloomy, and everyone is back to work and school - but what if feeling blue meant feeling snuggletastic?

You can feel snuggletastic on the gloomiest day of the year by cuddling up in your very own Blue Onesie!

What Does the colour Blue Mean?

'Feeling Blue' is associated with feeling down, but what does the colour blue actually mean?
Blue is the colour of trust, loyalty and honesty.
It promotes relaxation, seeking peace, tranquillity and calmness, as well as enhancing self-expression, so creating your very own Blue Onesie seems like the perfect Blue Monday cure!

Create-your-Own Onesie

Baby Blue, Pale Blue, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Cobalt Blue, Steel Blue, Aqua, Denim, Turquoise and Spearmint... just a few of the blues you'll find in our Fabulous Fabric range.
Plains and patterns, our Blue fabrics come in a range of thicknesses. From Cotton T-Shirt, Quilted Lambskin, Cuddle Fleece, and Plush Jersey Sweatshirt, we're sure you'll find a blue to suit you.

blue fabrics

Indulge yourself in pure Luxury this Blue Monday, mix and match our Blue Fabrics to create bold and beautiful Blue designs on our Personalised Onesie Builder.

Add hoods, ears, tails, feet and pockets to make cheerful creations that are sure to put a smile on anyone's face. You can even take personalisation to the next level by having your name, a message or image embroidered onto your Onesie.

Blue Onesie Designs

It looks like this Blue Monday won't be so gloomy after all...