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Phillip's British Onesie Adventure

Phillip's British Onesie Adventure


Last month, we had a very special visitor here at Onesie HQ. It was one of our loyal customers, Phillip, all the way from Australia!

Phillip has been telling us all about his Onesie Adventures, and we'd like to share them with you too...

First stop - Melbourne to London

'The day had finally arrived… After 2 false starts and confirmation of this trip not until just 2 weeks before departure my heart was full of joy. Sunday October 31st 2016 marks the day the trip begun.'


Arriving out at Melbourne Airport just on 7:30pm, I checked into my flight firstly to Singapore then onto London Heathrow. 

 Soon after it was time for take off… We took off into the skies bound for Singapore.. Shortly after take off, it was into a Onesie and off to sleep. 

My Australia Flag Onesie was providing me with lots of comfort as my All-in-One Company Onesies always do.

Hours passed and I was on approach into London Heathrow.

With London in sight it was time to get my belongings together and get the passport ready for action… Soon enough we had landed, I was off the plane and through customs.

 My transfer driver was waiting for me and it was off to the Hilton Kensington in Shepherds Bush to finally get some rest…. Big days ahead and the trip has only just begun!!



After an evening arrival into Heathrow and getting to my hotel approximately 8:30pm it was time to settle into my hotel the Hilton Kensington in Shepherds Bush… I take a much needed shower, unpack my beloved onesies and settle down to sleep.

My day begins with a phone call to The All In One Company (or affectionally known as Onesie HQ) to say that I had arrived into England and all was good. Kate answered the phone and it was so good to speak with Kate especially being in the same country. We chatted for about 20 minutes and I was asked what my plans where… I said to Kate I will be visiting Newcastle mid trip and the next words out of her mouth absolutely made my day. Kate very kindly invited me to Onesie HQ for a visit while I’m in the area… This totally made my day and made my trip. Thank you Kate :)

Before lunch its time for a walk through Oxford Circus, Carnaby Street, Piccadilly, Pall Mall and up to Buckingham Palace.

Day 2 in London took me back out into the Westminster area and it was time for some sightseeing up the London Eye and a cruise up the River Thames. I’m a big fan of the London Eye. This give you a great perspective of what greater London looks like in all directions. I have been up the Eye about half a dozen times now, but I do love it.

At the end of today, it was back to the hotel for a reasonably early night as I have an early start the next day as I am on an early train to Stratford Upon Avon where I meet the travelling group as part of the 2016 Rugby League Four Nations Kangaroo Tour.  I have now warmed up and completed my “Pre Tour” arrangements. From tomorrow…. Let the real fun begin!!

Stratford upon Avon


I arrive by black cab at London’s Marylebone Station for the trip up to Stratford Upon Avon via Leamington Spa.

As the train heads north west through the rolling hills excitement is building as today is the day I meet up with the traveling group from Australia.

Upon arrival into Stratford Upon Avon, I checked in to the renowned Mercure The Shakespeare Hotel and here would be home for the next four nights. Lunch was had down a the Windmill Inn where I met the group and introduced myself. They are all very tired as they had flown in from Sydney that morning.

Stratford Upon Avon being the home of Shakespeare one could say “To be or not to be, that is the question”… We really enjoyed being in a place that is significant for certainly English history and indeed world history. I love visiting these smaller English towns. As lovely as London and the big cities are, there is nothing better than coming to the smaller towns and enjoying the best of British hospitality.

Our last day at Stratford Upon Avon saw us on our way to Coventry for the first of the rugby league Four Nations matches at the Ricoh Stadium. A double header with England taking on Scotland and then the big one for us, Australia versus New Zealand.

For us, I don’t think we have ever been so cold in our lives.. It was freezing. Perfect onesie weather.

Tomorrow its off to our “Mystery Destination”… I wonder where it could be??



We are on our way to our “Mystery Destination”… Where could it be? Cardiff? Newport? Bristol? Ah ha!!!! BATH!!!

Early afternoon we drive into Bath and arrive at The Abbey Hotel in Bath. Oh Bath how I love you. Without doubt my favourite place in all of England. Each time I come to England I make a point of visiting Bath. The weather being nice and cool allowed me to enjoy my All In One Company Onesies at night. Keeping me snug and warm at the same time.

Next morning we have another little surprise as we head into London. I wonder what it could be…

London's Calling


So our little stay in Bath was over and and after breakfast it was check out of the Abbey Hotel and onto the bus. We are headed east back to London but not before a stop at one of the worlds most significant heritage sites. Yes I’m talking of Stonehenge.

So after our visit to Stonehenge it was into London for the next 5 nights. For me on this trip its my second visit to the capital but the first for the group. Just a short 2 hour drive from Stonehenge and we are in London.  Our base for London will be the Copthorne Tara Hotel in Kensington. This is significant. My very first All In One Company Onesie order was delivered to this very hotel back in March 2012. I stayed here on my 2012 trip.  Big thank you again to the amazing Kate and Rachel at the time for organising.

I take the group through Westminster, Westminster Abbey, St James Park, Buckingham Palace, through Green Park, The Ritz Hotel, Fortnum & Mason and finishing up with lunch in Piccadilly.

While in Piccadilly, we decided to get some tickets for the Theatre. Jersey Boys was the choice and we all got lucky.

The next day I took myself out and attended the Remembrance Day service at The Cenotaph. A solemn occasion but one of remembrance and reflection. I’m glad I went as I do appreciate what in my case our ANZAC’s did for us in battles past. Lest We Forget.

But the reason why we were in London had arrived the next day. It was the big Four Nations clash between Australia and England at London’s Olympic Stadium.

So this concludes the groups stay in London. I do come back at the end of the trip, but for now its cheerio from London. The next edition will reveal the most heart warming aspect of my trip. I won’t let out any clues, but this is ultra special for me.

Northumberland - ONESIE HQ!


Monday morning arrived and it was up early at The Copthorne Tara Hotel and ready for the off. Most of our group went off to Belfast for 3 nights, my friends Darryl & Beverly went to Amsterdam and me, yep up north to Northumberland and Newcastle.

Before anything though, I had to announce my arrival… The Angel of The North was the obvious place to do this.. Out of the car I hopped, chafe into my beloved Australian Flag onesie (Made by The All In One Company) and there I was…

Early night tonight as I know tomorrow (Tuesday) is going to be a big day…

Tuesday arrives as if it was Christmas Day… My heart was full of excitement and joy… The day had finally arrived.. So I have breakfast, and I’m back in the car early for the 30 minute drive up to Ashington. Yes, you may have guessed… Im on my way to ONESIE HQ!!!!

Appropriately dressed of course, the car ride is full of joy… I arrive at Onesie HQ right on 9:30am where I am greeted by a beaming Becky and an equally beaming Kate who greet me in the front reception. Kate embraces me with a big bear hug.. Its as if we had known each other for decades...

Kate shows me in and she takes me on a tour of The All In One Company. As I move through the rooms with cup of tea in hand I meet the “Elves” who do such an amazing job producing our beloved onesies. I am in absolute heaven and Kate knew this. The smile on her face was from ear to ear… The joy in my heart was priceless. I noticed right from the get go, that all the Team where just beaming.. Their smiles are everlasting.

After my little tour, Kate takes me into the morning tea room where everyone is waiting. I was quite overwhelmed with what was next. All of a sudden I’m presented with some gifts from Kate and the team.. My very own All In One Company “Outstanding Customer Support” certificate,  an All In One Company mug, a little teddy who I aptly named “Snuggles” and a 100 Pound Voucher. I am so humbled by this and ever so grateful for their appreciation of my support.

The team are just so lovely and full of laughs… I did get asked a few tough questions about Home & Away, Neighbours and Wentworth…. Even though these TV shows are made in Australia, I don’t think I have every watched an episode in my life… So sorry Trina if I couldn’t answer your questions hahaha..

I could have stayed all day, in fact I could have just lived there..  Forever, The All In One Company will occupy a very special place in my heart. However it was time to go, this was hard… As I drove away, I did shed quite a number of tears… Yes sad that I was leaving, but every so happy that I finally got to come to Onesie HQ and meet the most amazing people on the planet.

So after my morning at Onesie HQ its off to Hadrian’s Wall, and then onto York.

 I have had a great time in Northumberland and Yorkshire. Most definitely the icing on the cake was my little visit to Ashington where the magic does happen. An early night tonight as I have to be up and off early Thursday morning as I make my way Merseyside..

Liverpool - Merseyside I go!


So my time in the wonderful Northumberland is over and its Merseyside I head to re join the touring group as we embark on the closing stages of our amazing journey.

Arriving into Liverpool just before 1pm and dropping the car off, I make my way to the hotel.. The Novotel Liverpool City Centre. An excellent hotel with all that we needed.

Of course Liverpool is known for many things…. Liverpool FC, Anfield, The River Mersey, Cavern Nightclub and most of all THE BEATLES…. A trip to Liverpool just wouldn’t be complete without a Beatles tour. Seeing landmarks made famous by The Beatles such as Penny Lane and Strawberry Hills was quite something. It was such a delight visiting these sights.

Concluding our Beatles tour was a visit to the Liverpool Cathedral. The largest Cathedral in Great Britain and my Lord this place was big and mighty impressive.

After our tour was complete, I took myself for a walk around the Albert Docks on the banks of the River Mersey.

The following day in Liverpool (Saturday) was a big sporting day for us. In the morning we where granted exclusive access to Anfield to watch the Australian Kangaroos Rugby League Team’s “Captains Run” before the Four Nations Final the next day.

After the captain’s run, 8 of us are off to Goodison Park for the Everton v Swansea Premier League clash. Having never been to a soccer (Football) game before, this was shaping up to be one hell of an experience. Premier League!!! 

Sunday was the “Big Dance”… The Final of the Four Nations. This is what we had come to see. Australia take on our arch-rival New Zealand. Kangaroos v Kiwis - for us in the Southern Hemisphere and under the Southern Cross, it does not get much bigger than this.

So we get settled into our seats for the big game. Full of anticipation and excitement. The Anthems are sung, the Kiwi’s perform the Haka and the stage is set. Australia v New Zealand - How good is this!! Anfield is packed, the atmosphere is electric.

So this concludes our time Merseyside. So tomorrow we are off to Munich. The last destination for the touring group, for me the second last.


Its an early start on a cold Liverpool morning as we commence “The Leaving of Liverpool”. We all arrive at the airport and check in for our flight.

It must be said that quite mild weather greeted us in Munich, so we did have a chance to defrost just a little. We all clear immigration, and another stamp is in my passport.

.Our transport is waiting for us and we are transferred to the Platzl Hotel.

The next day we where up semi early for a city tour and then a most sobering afternoon out at Dachau Concentration Camp. 

The next day was to be my last full day with the group before we left Munich. We had our “Farewell Dinner”. Here we all gave our highlights and thanks to everyone for making it such a great trip and loads of fun.

While a happy night, it was also tinged with a little sadness. Knowing this is the last night together, there was some roar emotion showed by some. For me, it was a night of celebration. Celebrating such a wonderful trip and the fun we all have had together. Getting to know some of the most amazing salt of the earth people you will ever meet.

Tomorrow, I say farewell to everyone. They all fly back to Sydney & Brisbane from Munich and I will be returning to London to conclude what has been the time of my life…

Headed Home


Our short stay in Munich was now over and so too was the Kangaroo Tour. On our way to Munich Airport we share the last few laughs together on the bus. Three more days in London for me then I am off home. But I am looking forward to this few days doing my own thing.

Picked up by private transfer from Heathrow I am on my way to the Kensington House Hotel in Kensington. By now, my little traveling companion, “Snuggles” is getting tired with all the travel. He is holding up well though, however once I arrive at the Hotel, Snuggles is straight into “Big Onesie” for an afternoon sleep…
While “Snuggles” is having a sleep, its off to the nearest coin laundry to get some washing done to get me through the next few days. This evening I take a stroll into Knightsbridge to see the wonderful and iconic Harrods all lit up and of course there was time for a walk through the famous Harrods Food Hall.

Friday was a relaxing day, a walk through Hyde Park in the morning then catching up with a dear friend in the afternoon out in Chigwell.

Saturday was a big day. I was lucky enough to snap up one of the last remaining tickets to England v Argentina at Twickenham. I love Twickenham. the atmosphere in the stadium is electric. The singing of Jerusalem and God Save The Queen sent shivers up my spine. Buts not just the singing and the sport that I love about Twickenham.

So my twickenham experience was complete and I have to say this was a nice way to capo off what really has been a most remarkable trip. I had the absolute best of British hospitality and entertainment all the way through and for this I am very grateful to the Motherland. I had met some of the most amazing people ever to grace God’s earth. I am truly blessed.

My last full day had now arrived and it was time to Christmas shop… Yep left it to the least day, but I knew what I had to get so that made it easy. One last trip into Fortnum & Mason followed by a walk through Oxford and Bond Streets before heading back to the hotel to pack and ready myself for tomorrow mornings departure.
However, I did get to see one last attraction. The Changing of The Guard at Buckingham Palace. I couldn’t believe how many people come to this each time. I would estimate 5-10,000 people cramming Victoria Monument, the front of Buckingham Palace and up the Mall. All the pomp and ceremony we all come to expect from our beloved Royal Family.

Well its now time to go home. Snuggles knows he is off to somewhere a little different on the other side of the world, so he traveled with me in the cabin… 

Soon after take off from London Heathrow, I am into my All In One Company made Aussie Flag onesie and its time to relax and reflect.

I am pleased to be coming home. There is nothing like home, but what a time I had away. I am so happy to share this with you and big thanks to my dear friend Kate for letting me contribute to the All In One Company blog site.

Who knows where my next Onesie Travel Adventures will take me… The dust has to settle on this one, but time will tell….

Until next time, Best Wishes and may your Onesie Adventures Take You Somewhere Unknown….

Phillip x