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The Biggest Unicorn Onesie Collection ever!

The Biggest Unicorn Onesie Collection ever!

The Most Magical Onesies in the World




In Octobers Facebook competition we asked you which of our Add-On Ears were you favourite, and most of you told us how much you loved our Unicorn.
So, we've worked a little magic and have created the biggest Unicorn Onesie Collection on Earth just for you!

Unicorns are legendary mythical creatures. Over the years, Unicorns have been described differently, from goat like creatures, to beasts, but we know them best today as horse like animals with a large spiralling horn on their forehead. In the Middle Ages Unicorns were commonly described as extremely wild woodland creatures that symbolised purity and grace.

They were first founded in the accounts of natural history, when Greek writers were convinced of the reality of Unicorns after they located them in India.

The earliest record of unicorns belongs to Greek historian Ctesias. In the 5th century BCE, he wrote that the beast had a white body, purple head, blue eyes, and a multicoloured horn - red, black and white.

Marco Polo, a Venetian merchant traveller, believed he had seen Unicorns on his travels.  He wrote, “They are very ugly brutes to look at. They are not at all such as we describe unicorns.” As it turns out, the Unicorns Marco Polo spotted were in fact Rhinos.

Their horns were said to hold magical properties, and were able to heal sickness. The horn itself was made from Alicorn and became a popular ingredient in medieval medicines. The Alicorn was thought to cure many diseases and have the ability to detect poisons, and many Doctors would make "cures" and sell them. 'Alicorn' cups were given to Kings as gifts, but they were usually made from Ivory instead. Entire horns were considered precious, but they were really the tusks of narwhals.

At its height, a Unicorn's horn was literally worth 10 times its weight in gold! German merchants sold a Unicorn Horn in 1560, for an 90,000 scudi (which amounts to about £18,000) to the pope. Pharmacies in London sold powdered 'unicorn horn' as late as 1741.

Have you ever wanted to see a Unicorn? You can actually get a “Unicorn Hunting License”. We wouldn't want to capture any Unicorns, but heading out to find one sounds like fun! You can get your own Unicorn Hunting License for free at the Lake Superior University. The license can be used anywhere on earth and lasts over a lifetime.

Although it may be hard to capture a 'real' Unicorn, we've spotted lots in our Unicorn Onesie Collection, in all different colours and sizes. They're so magical in fact, that they even change colour in our Personalised Onesie Builder! Work your own magic and come up of a Unicorn design of your own!


The Magic doesn't end there!

Send us a photo of you on your Unicorn Onesie Adventures, and you could be in with a chance of winning a £100 Gift Voucher to spend here at The All-in-One Company!