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Ahoy There! Onesies for the Avid Yachting Adventurer!

Ahoy There! Onesies for the Avid Yachting Adventurer!


Ahoy there! Do you know someone who loves nothing more than sailing the seas and travelling the world?

Well, we have something they're going to love! Why don’t you kit out your special someone and their cabin crew with their very own personalised onesies?


You can create bespoke Onesies for your savvy sailor.
From absorbent Bamboo Towelling that will keep the crew warm and dry, to cuddle fleece to provide luxury comfort and snuggletastic-ness.

You can mix and match fabrics to create a colour-coordinated cabin crew, or create individual Onesie designs for each person.


Sleeve Pockets, and Keep safes are a great addition to your Onesie. Handy and secure, you can keep valuable bits and bobs safe whilst out on deck. Our i-poc-it comes in handy for holding your phone whilst you're steering the boat. Hoods are great for keeping out the cold breeze from the sea, and attached (or detached) feet can be added for snuggletastic-ness from head to toe!

Ears and Tails can also be added to add that extra bit of character to your Onesie, and to make it extra personal you can even add Embroidery.


Whether it be a name, message or image, you can personalise each Onesie design by adding Embroidery. You'll also be able to choose the font and colour!


Just like their boat and crew, every sailors story is unique, and now you can surprise them with their very own unique and personalised Onesie. Start designing now on our personalised onesie builder, and sail away in luxurious comfort.