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Thick Bamboo Towelling

Thick Bamboo Towelling

Bamboo Towelling Onesie

Produced from the environmentally sustainable bamboo plant, our Bamboo Towelling is quick drying and very absorbent.

Bamboo is breathable and extremely comfortable against the skin, making it perfect for snuggling into after a nice hot bath for a cosy night in.

Bamboo Towelling Teal

Thicker than our Lightweight Bamboo Towelling, this fabric oozes comfort.

Whether you've had a long day at work, get caught up in the rain, enjoyed a chilled night in a hot tub, or braved a dip in the North Sea, there's no better feeling than snuggling up n your Bamboo Towelling Onesie!

Just like all our other fabrics, our Thicker Bamboo Towelling comes in a range of colours that you can mix and match to create your own unique design.

Bamboo Towelling Collection

You can start creating your own Thick Bamboo Towelling Onesie on our Website.

Just click ‘Customise this Onesie‘ to begin designing your onesie on our Builder and make this design totally unique to you by changing the size, fabrics, features and add on’s.
You can also add personalisation for that extra personal touch.

bamboo towelling customise