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Probably the Best Onesies in the World?

Probably the Best Onesies in the World?

Probably the best onesies in the world The All-in-One Company

Our Onesies could possibly be the best Onesies in the world... and it's not just us who think so!

We've been awarded our eKomi Gold Seal of Approval, scoring a brilliant 4.9 out of 5 stars on our Customer Review Page, and, we're also members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen.

‘The Guild of Master Craftsmen continues a long established tradition of bringing together skilled artisans engaged in a trade, craft or profession in order to safeguard the interests of the public and ensure they receive a premium service from recommended tradesmen. Rogue tradesmen and shoddy workmanship can be hard to spot when you are meeting a supplier for the first time, and without seeing their credentials you may be putting yourself at risk. The Guild of Master Craftsmen provides the public with skilled, local tradesmen you know you can trust.’

Not only that, but our Onesies are also made right here in Britain in the beautiful county of Northumberland by our fabulous team...

Step1 Fabrics

Once you've created your Onesie on our Personalised Onesie Builder, your order is then printed off and handed to our fabulous Cutter, Lynn.

step1 image

Lynn will read through your order and head off into our snuggletastic fabric room and collect the fabrics you've selected for your Onesie.

She'll then pop your chosen fabrics onto her table ready for cutting.

Step2 Cutting

Lynn will then pick out the correct pattern pieces to fit your Onesie design and size.

step2 patterns

Once the correct pattern pieces have been chosen, Lynn will then place them on the rolled out fabric and chalk around them. Lynn will then hand-cut each panel of your Onesie with her Fabric Shears.

step2 cutting panels

Once all of your panels have been cut, they are then bagged up and sent over to Mandy at Inspection.

Step3 Inspection

Once your Onesie has reached Inspection, Mandy will check every panel to make sure that everything is in the correct size and fabric, and that there are no fabric faults. She will also pop in size and care labels and your trim into the bag.

step4 emrboidery

Super talented Mandy also adds embroidery to your Onesie! At the Embroidery Stage, Mandy will set up the Embroidery machine and software. She'll enter your chosen embroidery, whether it be a name, massage or image, into the computer. The computer will then send the Embroidery design through to our Embroidery Machine, where your embroidery will begin to be stitched on to the front of your Onesie.

step3 Mandy

Once embroidered, your Onesie is then ready to move on into the Sewing Room!

step5 sewingWe have a fabulous team of Machinists in our Sewing Room.

step5 sewing photo

Sewing is divided into two stages, first stage and Second Stage.  The Machinists work together to sew together your Onesie, using skills that have been passed down through generations.

Feb 14

Once sewn together, your Onesie then moves on to be inspected and cleaned one last time by Alison at the Packing Station.

step6 packing

Alison then folds up your completed Onesies and puts them into one of our All-in-One Company duffel bags to keep them safe and snug when they are posted out to you.