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Fabrics Around the World

Fabrics Around the World

Monthly Favourites


Although we're enjoying the warmer weather in the UK this month, our friends in Australia are experiencing a cold and frosty Winter, so for this month's Fabric of the Month, we have a selection of fabrics to suit everyone all over the world!

Bamboo Towelling

bamboo swatches
Bamboo Facts


Soft and Sensitive, our Bamboo Towelling is unbelievably soft and luxurious to the touch. More gentle than any other man-made fabric, the eco-friendly fibres don't irritate the skin.

Breathable and Thermo-Controlled, Bamboo Towelling allows you to fell comfortable in any weather, keeping you cool in Summer and warm in the Winter.

Despite repeated washing, Bamboo Towelling is able to retain it's anti-bacterial properties.

Bamboo Towelling is super absorbent, making it perfect for putting on after a swim in the pool.

Protecting your loved ones from the sun, Bamboo fabric cuts out 97.5% of harmful UV rays, so it's perfect for holiday  cover-ups.



Cotton T-shirt

cotton tshirt

cotton toshirt facts

Soft and sensitive Cotton T-Shirt is light-weight and soft against the skin, preventing skin irritation.

Air can pass through our Cotton T-shirt easily, making it breathable and cool when it's hot outside, making it the perfect fabric for the summer time.

Cotton T-Shirt also has great insulating properties that keep you warmer when it's cool, and cooler in the heat.

Made from 97% Cotton (with 3% Elastane for added stretch and maximum comfort) our Cotton T-Shirt is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Our Cotton T-Shirt is soft and easily stretches, making it a comfortable fabric to wear.


Our Bamboo Towelling and Cotton T-Shirt is perfect for the warmer weather, but not everyone is experiencing their summer, one of our fabulous customers, Phillip, got in touch to let us know his onesies were keeping him warm in the snow he's having on the other side of the world in Melbourne, Australia.

Phillip Onesie

Super Soft



Our Super Soft Cuddle Fleece is Super duper soft! In fact, it's so luxuriously soft, once you put your Super Soft Onesie on, you'll not want to take it off!

The super softeness can only mean one thing - it's also super comfy!

Perfect for snuggling into, our Super Soft Cuddle Fleece will feel like one giant super soft cuddle, warming you up after a day out in the cold, Winter air.

Our Super Soft Cuddle fleece is definitely a customer favourite (and ours too). Once they feel just how soft it really is, it's hard to resist!


Thick Cuddle Fleece

thick cuddl

Cuddle Fleece Facts

Luxuriously soft and cosy, our thick Cuddle Fleece is perfect for the Winter Weather.

Just like our Super Soft Cuddle Fleece, our Thick Cuddle fleece is also super duper comfy!

Providing warmth and comfort, our Thick Cuddle Fleece is extra snuggly.

Our Thick Cuddle Fleece Fabric Collection has been available for many years and has become a customer favourite.

Thick and fluffy on both sides, our Thick Cuddle Fleece offers premium warmth and comfort over the cold, and frosty Winter months.


Whatever the season is where you are, we have a fabric to suit you! Head to our Personalised Onesie Builder to start creating your very own onesie today!